Tuesday 5th Feb: Cinema Politica McGill

“Bringing the expertise of few to many through dialogue.”Professor Norman Cornett@

liberty, equality and accomedation

This week we’re very excited to present a very special film. “Liberty, Equality, Accommodation” follows the question of ‘reasonable accommodation’ which took Quebec by storm in February 2007 with the publication of a pamphlet telling immigrants that in Canada, ” women were not to be excised, stoned or burned alive.” The subsequent Bouchard-Taylor Commission forced Quebec to look long and hard at its policies about immigrants and what it means to be different.

We’re very pleased to have the film’s director, Stefan Nitoslawski, and Professor Norman Cornett come and speak with us during discussion. Professor Cornett you may remember came and spoke at our screening last year of the documentary in which he stars (details found here:www.cinemapolitica.org/film/professor-norman-cornett-when-do-we-divorce-right-answer-honest-answer” )

Join us on Tuesday, February 5th at 6pm in Leacock 15 (855 Sherbrooke West) for this amazing screening and discussion! There will be snacks provided.

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