“Bringing the expertise of few to many through dialogue.”Professor Norman Cornett@”


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  1. Rhonda Meier says:

    Looks like a wonderful event! Will definitely try and attend, and let my friends know.

  2. Marilyn B-Montblanch says:

    Hello Dr. Cornett,

    Just a note to let you know that I am preparing to leave for a month and will be travelling back on September 21st.

    This morning on CBC All in a Weekend, Paul Almond was interviewed (may have been predated) and said this:

    “War is so destructive – it’s not just the body it mangles, it’s the psyche it destroys”

    You may have to get the exact wording if you want to repeat it, just the first few words.

    Very hard these days with Israel being the inhuman agressor, although many Jewish people (family included) do not agree with me – but many do and we are raising our voices.

    Bon fin d’ete, Marilyn

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