Dr. Ivar Mendez

Please post your reflections on the ‘dialogic’ session with Dr. Ivar Mendez here.

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  1. Inés Wong says:

    Reading the article in the Gazette was the reason I attended this evening.
    Intriguing background, almost unrealistic.
    His simple way of communication, full of inspirational motives of humanity makes me hope for a better tomorrow.
    Most memorable, truly enjoyable, incredible uplifting evening.
    Thank you, Dr. Mendez

  2. James D. Sullivan, MD, FRCSC, (Orthopaedic Surgeon) says:

    Yes, I enjoyed the memorable evening with Professor Mendez. I found him to be an almost unbelievable character living in today’s world; more like someone who would have lived centuries ago and been canonized for his efforts. Being able to do all the things he does, explain himself and his work in such simple and clear language,showing an astounding humility and humanity was something to behold and will stay with me forever. Certainly an outstanding role model.

  3. joyce borenstein says:

    The session with Dr. Ivar Mendez was so inspiring! That he has accomplished so much, all the while maintaining the modesty, reverence for life, and respect and openness to others, is amazing. The evening gave me hope for a better world.

    I loved his photographs, particularly of Bolivia.

  4. Hélène Boudier says:

    Un grand merci à Professeur Norman Cornett pour avoir organisé cet événement avec Dr Ivar Mendez. Sa présence par son écoute et sa simplicité a donné à cette discussion une profondeur qui nous a plongé dans un humanisme de moins en moins visible dans nos sociétés de consommateurs.

    Cette réflexion restera gravée dans ma mémoire et sera le point de départ pour un approfondissement de nombreux autres questionnements.
    Merci encore une fois.

  5. Posted on behalf of Rusdi Genest, sculptor

    Last week I attended at the Musée des Maitres et artisans du Québec a dialogic session of Professor Norman Cornett PhD whence Doctor Ivar Mendez exhibiting some of his numerous artworks was interviewed.
    First let me say that I met Prof Norman Cornett at various art exhibits openings whence I enjoyed exchanging concepts and ideas with him, but in this, my first dialogic session, I was taken aback…A very alive Professor Cornett, who amazingly remembers the name of everyone’s he meets and their profession or trade, orchestrated the animation like a master wizard, adroitly picking each questioner so as to permit the fascinating Dr. Mendez reveal quietly to one and the other, scientists, sociologists and artists the many facets of his numerous talents, researches and interests at which he is a master.
    Doctor Mendez a prominent neurologist and renown surgeon is also a very talented sculptor, the latter being the main reason for my attending this dialogue session, answered each one with the simplicity of great men, thus unfolding his inspiring care for the indigenous youth of his Bolivian home, our own Canadian arctic and many other countries. He expressed in detail and with experiences his theory that good healthy food develops youth’s brain capacity and good healthy intelligence, this sustained by the concept that the practice of unhindered art brings about, especially in youth, the creativity that spurts scholarly interests, great inventiveness and flexible innovativeness into their adulthood.
    I was thoroughly fulfilled to the point of having myself no question to ask…Which for those who know me well as a man of questions, would have been amazed.
    For a most interesting and enlightening evening, I gratefully thank you Doctor Ivar Mendez and Professor Norman Cornett PhD, but also to Pierre Wilson, director of the Musée des Maitres et artisans du Québec who set up an exhibit of Dr. Mendez’s artworks and wisely organised this dialogic session with Professor Cornett.

  6. Suzanne Gagnier says:

    I feel privileged and inspired to have met and listened to Dr. Mendez. His vision and his life’s works are truly amazing. What a gift to have been able to partake in his vision, if only for a brief moment in time, of his life’s pursuit of a well-balanced combination of art, science, technology and spirit. I was profoundly moved by this humble and articulate man who so generously opened his mind and his heart to us. I was impressed with his ability to listen, analyze and respond to each and every person who addressed him with utmost respect and attention. What an inspiration! Thank you for making this possible.

  7. Une halte dans un oasis de partage dans le respect et l’enrichissement, un moment privilégié, que celui passée au Musée des Maitres et artisans du Québec en compagnie du Dr Mendez et du professeur Cornett.
    Un bouillon de culture de sciences et de principes humanistes a guidé cette session de dialogic .
    Merci de restaurer la flamme d’espérance dans nos cœurs.
    En dernier lieu les photographies aériennes du Dr Mendez sont de toute beauté!
    Marie-Denise Douyon

  8. Karen Kaderavek says:

    This was a heart-warming and life-affirming evening. Dr. Mendez has the most noble priorities and believes it is the duty of the medical profession to help the poor; he has created many international initiatives in science and medicine using his own funds; he believes the arts are crucial to our well-being and has the children in his breakfast programs study art once their bellies are taken care of. Such a fine and modest man, I was so taken with him and his work. He is the personification of the humanities. I came away feeling the world is a better place with Dr. Mendez in it.
    Karen Kaderavek

  9. Ada says:

    It was a very nice, instructional evening. Thank you.

  10. posted on behalf of Dr. Mounir Samy

    I found the meeting most interesting. Dr. Mendez, in fact personified by both the content of his dual interest as well as the way he conveys them, a wonderful integration of Brain and Mind. He is this balance that he talks about. Interesting, the separation of knowledge that derives from science and the one that derives from art is a western phenomenon. Knowledge is all what expands human conscious awareness. I brought back from a recent trip to India, a statue of Saraswaty, the wife of Brahma, a highest god, she represents both science and art combined, and mediated by the spirit symbolized by a bird. Congratulation for your work. M. Samy

  11. Louise Grim says:

    Thank you for providing this opportunity to meet and dialogue with Dr Mendez. What an inspiration! My husband and I feel blessed to have been a part of this evening. The audience questions were overall very incisive and interesting and allowed us to get to know and understand Dr Mendez a little better. I found him to be humble and so willing to share his inner most thoughts with us all. Your choice of comments from the St James meeting were also wonderful.

    THanks again for making this possible.

    Louise Grim

  12. I thank you, Professor Cornett for allowing me three questions.

    I found Dr. Mendez to be a truly exceptional human being, in all the many facets of his life.
    It is a pleasure to see a person of his brilliance and accomplishments, to be so modest and unassuming.I really enjoyed the evening, and look forward to many more.
    I learned this morning, that Karen Cahana’s mother just passed away, and she had to leave for Colorado to attend the funeral and shiva.
    The other day, I was telling a patient of mine who is a nun, and knows of Rabbi Cahanai, the story of what happened to him. I showed her a letter written by the president of the Beth El Synogogue to the congregation, asking to help in setting up a fund to aid the family……..without my asking, an envelope was delivered to me to pass to the family.Sister Diana Leiffers and I both feel this family is going through the turmoils of a modern day Job….. he is so positive and upbeat, and clings so deeply to his beliefs.
    As a man of science, who is also interested in the arts, I still believe in miracles, and firmly believe that we are going to witness a modern day miracle when Rabbi Ronnie Cahana makes a full recovery from the brain stem stroke he suffered…. I am sure Dr. Mendez would be very interested in this event.

    In the meantime, I would like to send a donation on behalf of the Cahana family, to Dr. Mendez’s Breakfast Club…..please send me the link.


    Gerry Rudick

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