About ‘Dialogic’

“The only wrong question is the unasked question.” Professor Norman Cornett@

The ‘dialogic’ philosophy of education is difficult to describe to those who haven’t attended a seminar before. We bring blindfolds, ear plugs, writing paper and pens to each seminar.

  • We are exposed to pieces of art/sculpture/music/text in continually surprising approaches.
  • We then write, under a pseudonym, in a Stream-of-Consciousness manner everything that comes to mind when we are exposed to a certain piece.
  • Prof Cornett collects our writing over the course of the series. Some of our reflections from a previous series with Kent Stetson can be seen here
  • The last seminar of each series the artist/writer/musician of the work/works we have been writing about is invited to join us.
  • Prof Cornett will read our writings out loud (the writer remains anonymous throughout) and then the artist/writer/musician has a chance to respond to our writings. This starts off a conversation with the artist/writer/musician where all further questions are encouraged to be posed. Videos of a past dialogue with Kent Stetson can be seen here.

Please take a look at the trailer for the documentary PROFESSOR NORMAN CORNETT : “Since when do we divorce the right answer from an honest answer for an idea of how ‘dialogic’ operates.

Anybody is welcome to join a series and try for themselves ‘dialogic’. Don’t hesitate to get in touch using the e-mail address: normancornett@gmail.com