1st July 2013: Dialogic seminar with David Murray in person

Grammy Award winner


in ‘dialogue’ with


presented by the

Church of St. John the Evangelist in collaboration with

Professor Norman Cornett

Church of St.John the Evangelist
137 President-Kennedy Av. (main doors)

Monday, 1st July 2013, 10h00-12h00

Cost: $5.00


For information contact: normancornett@gmail.com tel.514-256-2483

3 Responses to 1st July 2013: Dialogic seminar with David Murray in person

  1. WhiteOrchid says:

    The Dialogic Meeting with David Murray was quite a unique experience for me, as well as for everyone who participated I think. It’s really unfortunate that there weren’t many more people to take advantage of this immense privilege.

    After listening to three or four of the tracks on his latest album Be My Monster Love, featuring Macy Gray and Gregory Porter (title and artist were unknown to us at the time of listening), we wrote down what we heard & what we felt in a stream of consciousness vein. Some of our writings were shared with Mr. Murray and I believe it provided him with a unique insight into what the listeners experience.

    It’s really something to be in the presence of such a legend in the world of Jazz. I don’t know much about the technical aspects of jazz. I can’t read music and I don’t play, but I do love how the saxophone makes me feel, how gospel touches my heart and soul and I’m soooooooo grateful that the world can benefit from the gifts of such music!

    We heard a man speak about his beginnings, his family, his friends & children, about how he fell in love with the saxophone and wanted something more for his life from a very young age. He spoke about his aspirations, his losses, his highs and lows, about what jazz means to him and his life, the communities and cities he’s lived in, his many collaborators over the years. He spoke about always reaching for new heights to keep honing his craft and evolving. I truly believe that’s what keeps him so energetic and looking so young! I was present to a life being lived to the fullest by a man who is compassionate, generous, funny, experienced and wise… someone who is still willing to try on new things and is looking forward to this 21st Century. After all these years in the industry, I sense that he is real, honest and he still loves to play — his music and the game of life. I read a lukewarm review in La Presse this morning about the show last night at Place des Arts and I’m wondering what happened backstage. Mr. Murray had spoken with such enthusiasm and anticipation about the performance with Macy Gray. Uhmmmm… c’est la vie parfois!!!

    Thanks Dr. Cornett for having such great talent come and share two hours with us, just as if we were sitting in our living room chatting away about life in general.

  2. We’ve made a note, so consider it done.

  3. LA TOAN VINH says:

    May I Have a Reservation for that Events..??

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