4th Oct 2011: Film Screening at McGill University, Montreal

Film screening of Professor Norman Cornett:’Since when do we divorce the right answer from an honest answer?’  by McGill’s Cinema Politica Society.

Please leave your comments on the film and the question period below.

12 Responses to 4th Oct 2011: Film Screening at McGill University, Montreal

  1. Ian says:

    A rare look into what education could and should be. It is a shame that McGill was too closeminded to keep a true educator as Dr. Cornett within its ranks, and it is poorer for it. The ensuing discussion was engaging and thought-provoking, and convinced me to attend more of Dr. Cornett’s dialogic sessions.

  2. Barbara says:

    What a fascinating and infuriating story. I wish Dr. Cornett a just outcome to this chapter in his career and well-deserved opportunities to continue his extraordinary work in less Kafkaesque milieus. This film should be required viewing for all university students, professors and administrators, whether utopian or jaded, in order to remind them of the role of educators and the goal of learning.

  3. Sarah Moumne says:

    After watching the film and listening to Mr.Cornett i felt inspired to make a difference to the academic system as well as my life and how I veiw the world. His positive outlook has made me realize that the troubles that we face throughout our lives are there to be humbled by not an excuse for us to give up. With that said i enjoyed he film dearly and i hope that many more people get the chance to see such a great piece of art.

  4. Guy Rodgers says:

    I had wanted to see the movie for some time because of the questions it raises about education, teaching and institutional authority. Seeing the film and hearing Dr. Cornett’s post-screening dialogue with the audience I came away with a number of new questions about whether university is the best place for this type of learning experience, how this kind of teaching can be made available as a public education, how independent classes could be made economically viable for students and teacher, and whether the creation of a parallel ‘free market’ education system based on life-long passion for learning to think new ideas in new ways might not ultimately influence academic practices which are currently impervious, if not hostile, to these highly unorthodox techniques. It is poetically appropriate for a Religious Studies professor to be unofficially pronounced heretical and excommunicated from McGill’s Temple of higher learning.

  5. Dogmenta says:

    Dr. Cornett speaking on the topic of educational reform and innovation speaks directly to the utopian in each of us. He summons up (while also challenging) the very best in anyone that gives him their ears, and one feels behooved to live life, from that moment on, without fear . Leaving his talk I thought, Dr. Cornett is one of Montreal’s best kept secrets.

  6. Heart-strings says:

    Good morning!

    Although I was unable to attend the screening of Professor Norman Cornett’s : ’Since when do we divorce the right answer from an honest answer? I can say, as a participant in a couple of Dr. Cornett’s dialogic series, that his expertise, motivation and dialogic sessions offer a unique and creative entry into learning and experiencing. A loss for McGill University, perhaps a lack of creative thinking on their part?

    It is also unfortunate that McGill University is in the position it is currently –with support staff being treated like second class citizens –Perhaps a lack of honest compassion on their part?

  7. Tony Kupina says:

    -it was nice to revisit the film
    -hear Laura’s voice again
    -amazing story about cab driver, and Mr. Marsalis
    -still don’t understand why during discussion mention of graduate studies professor [not in our group] who wings it…

  8. Madeleine Coste says:

    The movie itself was a piece of art, opening us to Mr. Cornett’s special teaching skills an leaving us at a loss to why McGill was unable to provide a reason for their actions. The whole CP session which included a dialogue with Mr Cornett helped me come back to earth, make me realise the reason for which we live for and make me decide to never let slip this feeling ever again. Mr Cornett’s words were so inspiring that it reawoke in me a desire to live a good life by doing what you honestly think is right and true. Thank you for that reawakening which was much needed.

  9. Dan says:

    The film revealed to me the existence of an alternative way of learning so very different from the ones I’ve been employing so far. Dr Cornett’s philosophies on the importance of emotional attachment and honest opinion have uncovered a new path of living which i will experiment with. His struggle has gotten me thinking about my own life and what i want from it. The discussion at the end of the film with Dr. Cornett was an excellent addition to the screening which made the issues presented much more accessible and personal. I applaud Cinema Politica and the members who organized the screening of this film and i will definitely keep my ears out for any upcoming events. I will also spread the word about such a great group!

  10. Liza says:

    As someone who frequents CP screenings/discussions, I can say this one was one of the best. It was a wonderful break amidst the crazy studying I’m doing for McGill midterms. Even though we only spent a short time with Dr. Cornett, he inspired us (at least me) to nurture the love of learning that made me originally want to study at university. It really was a great film and a great discussion.

  11. Rosa Bautista says:

    A real piece of art all together!!!!
    I was astonished about the story of Dr. Cornett’s.
    Deeply moved by his great courage and passion.
    The loyalty of the students is amazing.
    Let’s Hope for the best!!!!


  12. Louise Grim says:

    Well done film that gave us a perspective on a complex personal and professional dilemna. We greatly admire Dr. Cornetts’ tenacity and adherence to his principles.We are at a loss to understand how the University could refuse to listen to over 700 voices who attested to the extraordinary teaching and mentoring skills of this man. These persons- especially the students- are to be commended for organizing and speaking out.Please note that one of us is a McGill grad who is disappointed in the schools position and lack of response.

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