1st July 2012: Jamming at St. James

1st July 2012 / 1 juillet 2012
2nd Annual/2ième Session annuelle
Jamming at St. James

Église Unie
St. James
United Church,
463 Ste-Catherine west/ouest

In collaboration with/
en collaboration avec
Professor Norman Cornett

Matt Herskowitz,
Jean-Pierre Zanella
and Charles Ellison

Open to the public – Freewill offering
Ouvert au grand public – Contribution Volontaire

Facebook event page

2 Responses to 1st July 2012: Jamming at St. James

  1. Tamara Copney says:

    Jamming at St.James was a most impressive and thoroughly delightful experience. It is my strong
    belief that more events of this nature—that is, the combination of superb contemporary( jazz in this instance) musicianship along with the excellent historical background information provided as explanation, make a winning combination for inter- generational togetherness and can serve as a tool in filling long empty pews.Bravo!

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