Jazz Series 2013

“The only wrong question is the unasked question.” Professor Norman Cornett@

St.James Jazz Infirmary Journal

Please be careful to check the location and time for each day*

25th June – 28th June: 14h30-16h30, St.James United Church – Douglas Hall

29th June12h30-14h30St. James United Church Douglas Hall

30th June -11h00, 3rd Annual Jamming at St.JamesSt. James United Church

30th June13h00-15h00, Jean-Pierre Zanella in personSt.James United Church – Douglas Hall

1st July, 10h00-12h00David Murray in person, Church of St.John the Evangelist

2nd July14h30-16h30, St. James United Church Douglas Hall

3rd July, 14h30-16h30Karen Young in person St. James United Church

4th July14h30-16h30, Dave Restivo in personSt.James United Church Douglas Hall

5th July14h30-16h30, St.James United Church Douglas Hall

6th July, 12h30-14h30, Vijay Iyer in person St.James United Church

7th July, 13h00-15h00, Oliver Jones in personSt.James United Church

*nota bene: schedule subject to change without notice

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