Writings of Change It Up group in Hobbema

“Bringing the expertise of few to many through dialogue.”Professor Norman Cornett@

Video Credit – Rajan Rathnavalu

Video Credit – Cheryl Montour and Leiha Crier

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  1. Liette Michaud says:

    I have participated in dialogic sessions with Dr. Cornett in Montréal and have enjoyed the opportunity to read poetry and a novel that I might not have read on my own. And, of course, react to the ideas and images within them in writing and exchanging with other participants, which is very rewarding. So, I watched the youtube video that was posted at the end of your sessions. (part 3) I am now interested, of course, in reading the poetry of Sharron Proulx Turner. You might be interested to know that I will be volunteering during the Truth and Reconciliation Commission meetings in Montréal this week. I am also involved in a women’s group that raises money for educational bursaries for girls and women, (9000 members across Canada) and we have advocated to the federal government for increased funding for First Peoples schools. Now, I am learning about the historical events behind the Idle No More movement. One of the women’s group in Québec City gave a 1000$ bursary to a Young woman from the Wendake Huron community and she was wearing her red Feather and presented an eagle Feather with beads to the donator. Please be aware that change is possible: within you and in Canadian society and that education is the key. You do have friends and partners who understand the meaning of Treaties and the Two Row Wampum belt. Above all, there are people all over Canada who believe in the inherent Worth of every human being who must have every opportunity to seek happiness and fulfillment. And who are ready and willing to advocate for this and the right to live in a healthy environment.

  2. Peter says:

    Foud the session at Justice Gaede’s very stimulating and enlightening. Obtained a much better understanding of your dialogic approach. The film doesn’t do it justice. It focuses too much on the controversy surrounding your dismissal.

  3. slee06 says:

    I had a WONDERFUL experience with Mr. Cornetts dialogic teaching method. The McGill University is out to lunch for having fired him, but I want to thank them from the bottom of my heart, because I wouldn’t have ever gotten the extreme pleasure of meeting him and learning from him, if they hadn’t. So thank you!! This method has inspired me beyond measure, I know that I will utilize these teachings to the fullest extent and I will show my Son as well. This teaching method is completely revolutionary, it should be taught in every class, in every school, in every country, in all the WORLD. From the bottom of my heart, thank you, HAI HAI, for all that you have done for me, for us .

    Business Owner,

    Suzanne Lee

  4. My experience with our guest speaker and author was very interesting indeed . it was nice to see and her the story from her voice and also the idea and origin of the story was quite compelling. As for the professor it was great having him here he thought all of us new things and views about learning . I highly recommend the Canada as well the world should pay more attention to prof. norman Cornette.

  5. jonathan says:

    i think that dr. cornett has a very provocative way of teaching. it made us students look at the same thing but we all had our different points of view. and we also got to meet the person who wrote these poems face to face. and give her our points of view in person. i think she liked to here it all to a certain point. so i think that your way of teaching is very profound and i would advise everyone who gets a chance to take your course. thank you dr. cornett for teaching us. change it up students

  6. Clinton Roan says:

    i thought it was an extremely heart felt, profonund day with the discussion with Sharron Proulx Turner and Mr Norman Cornette. it made feel like there is nothing iant accomplish in this world, so like my made up world was blangderhousing, which means im taken this world by storm, and this is just a small part of the way they made me feal. I really do wish the next classes go through thuis proccess for it will inpower one and all I THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH HAI HAI

  7. janellec96 says:

    I have enjoyed having Sharron with us today. It was nice to experience where she was at writing these poems. It was nice for us to hear our own versions of the poem. I am a woman of very little words but to hear my own writings being read that i can’t believe that I wrote that. This experience has made me relize that I have to much to offer that I need to learn how to voice it. I know what I want to say. I see it in my head but it is just finding the right words or me freezing when I’m put on the spot. I have much to communicate that it works when I write it out. Thank you for being here and listening to us as well


    Janelle Crier

  8. ashtonxtwins says:

    when we first stareded this i was like wtf lol y do we need to read all this just to qwrite about it then i realized that he was getting us to open our eyes to every little thing for expaple i dont read but i have an imagination lol nd when i had to read this it brought to my own lill fairy tail land as if i can actualy see what the writer is writing about i found it priity awsome nd it made me think that thur is so much more out thur then just that i know

  9. normanpotts says:

    what i expeirenced about what we just did, is that i thought it was great to have Sharron and her readings was awesome, hope to see her again sometime to learn more. and for Dr Cornett also would love to be taught more by him in the future and contact me when he is in the area so i can go meet him at one of his meetings.

  10. angieroan says:

    experience with the guest speaker, poet, author…well today was a great experience i thoroughly enjoyed meeting and talking to Sharon, and listening to her read her poems to us. She was almost exactly as i expected her to be, and it made sense to me after speaking with her, my only wish is that i would have liked her to read ALL of our writings and see the reaction that she got from all of them, we are a very smart and intellectual group of entrepreneurs. i feel that she would have had a few laughs, tears, and been quite impressed with the talent that is in this room. Sharon is a woman that i would enjoy having a cup of coffee with and letting her read a few more of my own writings, i was also so very honored to have her tell me that i was as excellent writer.

    Signed Angie Roan

  11. murielsimon says:

    I really liked meeting The Auther Sharron Proulx-Turner.I knew just by the way the stories or poems were written that she was of Aboriginal descent.I jus would love to be able to write the way she does,she inspires me.Ekosi

  12. I feel happy. I feel different because this workshop has made me see from a different perspective, I would recommend Sharon and Dr. Cornett try to do this this with other people, to share the stories and empower people! The whole week of experience in this workshop really has changed me in a positive way. I feel as though the week we were here it was sort of emotional and heavy at some points but it was like a problem, we had to face it and deal with it. These poems Sharron wrote are very beautiful, strong and courageous. Dr. Cornett has a powerful way of connecting with people, that is his gift! I really enjoyed this experience, it was special to me and I’ll hold it forever.

    Lyla Rattlesnake

  13. reinabest26 says:

    today we got to meet the writter of all these stories and poems and i am moved …however need a little more time to find the words to exspress this wonderful heart felt journey and teaching we have recieved….thank you and i will be back soon

  14. rewarding and interesting to learn about Miss Sharron proulx-Turner life and what she was taught in her writing i think it will stay with me for along time, like many poeple ( inspiring Women) that has come into my life has left a big inpacted. Thank you

  15. jonathan says:

    Dialogue: i think the person whoever wrote these is a very smart person and knoes how to get a person to really think about what is on thier mind

  16. jonathan says:

    Guest speaker: i expect that this person or persons we might know already.

  17. jordylittlepoplar says:

    definition of expectation something that i can relate to and something that is not a shock
    what would i expect from our guestspeaker,probably somthig that i could use and it would be beneficial to our program

  18. jonathan says:

    My definition of Expectations- what you expect when given an opportunity to accomplish something in your life and what people expect of you.

  19. normanpotts says:

    Dialouge- i think these people are just as normal as you and i, not as special as Dr. Cornett just kidding. i expect alot from these people since there poets.

  20. I expect this session with our writers to be informative, fun and interesting. I bet they come looking professional with a warm, friendly approach towards us but also keeping it professional and to the point. I expect these people to be middle-aged or a little younger. I expect a woman and a man, possibly a couple? What I do know, is I will learn something new today!


  21. normanpotts says:

    Expectations- Waiting for something you expect to happen, prospects, especially of success or gain.

  22. My Definition Of Expectation: 1. To be on a deadline. 2. What someone else expects of you ex. getting the money you owe them. 3. To be enough; meet standards ex. professional attire in a corporate company.

  23. janellec96 says:

    My ecpectations of today- I am curious of who these authors are. I want to know what they were thinking when they read our comments. I want to know if anyone of us were close as to why they wrote these pieces. I am looking forward to our discussions about it and what input they have to say as well as our input.

  24. clintroansr says:

    my expectation of today –
    im expecting a long discussion from the work we have done last week, with the story tellers from online excericise we did. in which we will probably goin into feedback as well on all are comments that we have done on all there writings , so im thinkin it might get intence…

    Clinton Roan

  25. janellec96 says:

    My definition of- Expectations, when something of you is to be completed

  26. angieroan says:

    my expectations of today – i am expecting to be greatly surprised by the appearance of the guests we will be having today, and i anticipate a very awesome discussion on the writings and getting a deeper understanding of the topics and meanings of each of the writings.

    signed Angie Roan

  27. clintroansr says:

    my definition of expectations –
    my defintion of expectations is when someone or even yourself put high standards on something that you may need to do or sumething you may need to get done in a fast and orderly fashion, with littlest efford or mistakes….

    Clinton Roan

  28. reinabest26 says:

    exspectation-…my definition of exspectation is that when you are exspected to do something….you do it…to your best ability and knowledge

  29. expectation: the outcome of what people want from you or what you want in other people and or a device ,product,or business .

  30. tamarasaddleback says:

    Expect- i expect a awesome presentation, full of learning and seeing what each writing really meant.
    and learning about, meeting the writer.

  31. murielsimon says:

    Expectations-My expectations are what will be coming up in the near future.And Will this give me a better insite.

  32. tamarasaddleback says:

    Expections- to achieve your purpose.

  33. angieroan says:

    my definition of – Expectation: your own vision of things are anticipating to come.

  34. jordylittlepoplar says:

    one word-dream
    one sentence- sosquatch related to the saaquatch.

  35. jonathan says:

    1 Word- travel
    1 Sentence- traveling to different destinations.
    1 Paragraph- to me this poem starts off in some city on an airplane where it is dark then landing some where when it is daylight. the plane starts off in the west and lands in the east.
    Stream of conscienceness- travel, time, patience, time zones, passenger, pilot, freedom, space, commute, venture, adventure, schedual. patience, solitude, confinement, thoughts, conference, meeting, passion, routine, daily, work, play, vast, expierence
    Tweet- someone who travels alot is always on a schedual. never on time but sometimes they are.
    Title- On a schedual- this is what this poem is saying to me that we all have some kind of schedual to keep.
    Make up your own word and give it a defintion- tomorning- this means tomorrow in the morning
    Describe the person who wrote all these words- someone who has had alot of expierences in their lives. im sure that this person we might know. and this person must be very intelligent

  36. angieroan says:

    reading # 8

    one word – morning

    one sentence – this piece is about someone coming home, the morning and all the glory that the new day brings.

    one paragraph – this piece says to me, the appreciation of home. how after a long period of time coming home is the greatest and scariest thing. The sun and the morning how they wake up the earth and all the earth has to offer. the sun on a spring morning, the world as it awakens from its long winter sleep, the beauty and the grace of a new day.

    stream of conciousness – this piece is saying to me that the writer is coming home after a long while, how he dreams of of laughing and the innocence of childhood, the time in his life that has long since gone. im also brought to my own childhood and how when we moved away from my grandmother i couldnt wait to see her, i couldnt wait to go play in the bushes with my uncles. we were all innocent and free, everything seemed to shine every morning…watching my kokom cooking up a storm for the two of us and then secretly telling me to get ready so we could go to town…good times! just her and i, i was her baby…and i miss her everyday, she was the one that i ran to tell everything to, every good thing that happened in my life she was the one i needed to tell, i no longer have anyone to share the pride in my children and grandchildren with, no one to tell how happy, sad or confused i am, she was the only one thattruley loved me and i long to be just like her, i learned everything i am from her, she was my greatest mentor…and i hope one day that one of my grandchildren feels like this about me. for the greatest thing on earth that i can become is to be just as wonderful as my kokom…i love you kokom! this is where my thoughts are right now, whether it makes sense or not…. my kokom is home to me

    tweet – as dorothy once said…”theres no place like home”

    title – home, is where you are closest to your heart, i chose this title because, thats how i see my home now and as a child…my heart was always more at peace at home.

    my definition of – linenulator, it is the name of the machine that they use in drycleaners, its it used for cleaning your linens…

    portrait of whoever wrote all these words – this person is a native or is metis, mostlikely a man and a woman, the woman is fair skinned and kind of fluffy, probably has shoulder length light colored hair, she is probably from the east coast so she is average height she is probably a grandmother and been a single parent, she grew up in a dominant white world and was afraid of her true culture afraid of being critisized for being associated with natives. she writes these words to let out her inner emotions of guilt for turning away her native culture, and now embraces it.
    the man, he is most likely a native man maybe, metis? he is average height and has short salt and pepper hair he writes because he enjoys his poetry, he enjoys abstract thought. i dont have enough time to do a proper portrait of him…not enough time

    signed Angie Roan

  37. murielsimon says:

    Reading 8-
    One Word-Spirit
    One Sentence-The Spirits that among us in their being.
    One Paragragh-The spirits that we know are there and how they show us their being.They are very powerfull when they are present.We all have that experience to share,to say i will always remember when the came to me.
    Stream of Consciousness-Their is a world that is there but not seen by us,the World that keeps them safe.When we have deep thought they are among us observing and listening to us.Just as we would not think everything can be a Great Spirit,It could be that Rock you use as a a paperweight,maybe the plant on your mantle.They are always around us and will when the time comes when dearly needed will show you that it is there.Listen to the wind and how it almost sounds like a gentle melody,that can be a spirit telling you somethingThe Water ,the trees and the rocks,can be all Great Spirits that are amung us everyday.
    Tweet-The little things that we sometimes over look,that are around us.The beings that are there.We may not be aware of this but is it something to think about.
    Title-Our Spirits-Because it talks about a Grandmother Moon.
    Definition of-Griff-Is a being that takes care of the frail and fragile people.
    Portrait of the Writer.They have very deep thought.This person is small but well postured. She has many trinkets in her home and every trinket was givin to her and has great meaning.She has shoulder length hair which she sometimes puts up.Dresses herself respectedly with blazers over her light blouses.
    Muriel (Mawy) Simon

  38. janellec96 says:

    Reading 7

    One word- Life

    One sentence- Its like she’s daydreaming and then comes back to realiy.

    One paragraph- She talks about a dream in the beginning and then she snaps back to reality. She describes what she is seeing around her. Then she talks about her childhood longings. After that she comes back to reality again and just loves life.

    Stream of conciousness- She is enjoying her dreams. Then she wakes up and is still has that happy feeling. When she mentions that every life is as sacret as a woman’s, I thought that was so true. Women are the gifts of life. We carry our gifts of life. But each life is as important because we can’t live without the other. Then it mentions childhood longings. Its like those childhood dreams are still there waiting to be discovered yet again. Then she comes back to reality and starts talking about her surroundings. To end it she mentions water. Water is life. Without it, we won’t be here.

    Tweet- I enjoyed this piece because I can relate to it. I daydream, I come back to reality, I remember what I wanted as a child and snap back again. It speaks the truth to me.

    Title- Inner Thoughts, I chose this because its about what is going on inside your head, inside anyone’s head.

    My definition of- Hax, let it go, relax

    Portrait- This person is gentle and quiet. She listens to what is being said. Her imagination is unlimited, waiting to pour into the real world. Why is she waiting? What is holding her back? She wasn’t ready before but now she is. She works with her hands and is a visual person. Her mother is like her opposite, her mother is loud and cheerful. Opposites attract. Her father is similar, quiet and gentle. She grew up in a family of six kids, she being number five. So she was pampered. Her parents did everything for her. It wasn’t helpful for her to go into the world on her own. She had to deal with what life has thrown at her. Now she has three kids and now have to teach them what she has learned.


    Janelle Crier

  39. reading#8
    one word-symbolic

    one sentence-using nature in a symbolic context to describe emotion and thoughts

    one paragraph-in using nature to describe her thoughts and feelings she is able to make a visual connection with her readers to get a grasp of what she is saying. her metaphors on nature and seasons blend her emotion and depth of what is being told speaks to the reader.

    stream of consciousness-the writing makes me feel like I’m having an overhead or/ birds eye view of what I’m reading so I can see what it is she wrote instead of just reading it I’m actually there living and breathing this story . which is quite weird and awesome at the same time ,like the feeling of flying or floating above ones conscious thought and getting caught in a vortex of swirling thoughts and emotion that you can take and decipher and take what message is prominent in your mind .

    tweet-tweet a le d d d d d I’m as happy as can be as can as how i read this free flying and creative as my mind is to wonder in self thought and expression

    Title-fly when your awake- this is the feeling i get from reading it although i know this my own interpretative of this story this is the name I give to it!!!!

    my definition of-life : wonderful and chaos coinciding to produce something magnificent or malevolent. life is as such chaotic and beautiful at the same time .this is what life means to ME !!

    portrait of who ever wrote these words-I feel that the people that wrote these words are from the east coast of Canada and are a Male and Female of some aboriginal descent. I feel that they are artist and come from a community were poverty and family dysfunction is a common problem . I feel that they are active in the community and have a compassion to let the world know their hearts desire and empathy they feel.

    Leslie Yellowbird 🙂

  40. slee06 says:

    reading #8

    one word-roots

    one sentence-we are rooted in nature

    one paragraph-our lives are so intertwined with nature, we ARE nature. why doesn’t the white man see that by ruining nature, we are ruining ourselves? When nature dies, we die

    stream of consciousness-it is written in nature, dreams can take you wherever you wish to go. Grandmother Moon and Mother Nature are our natural guides, Grandfather Wind, He tells us he is here for us as well, they all speak to us. wake up laughing, start your day positively, see yourself as part of nature, part of the whole and we will never lose sight, there is guidance all around us, Nature wants us to find our way, back to Her. Complete and Whole.

    tweet-I feel like a melody floating in the current of a breeze. If i allow myself to trust my gut instinct, i won’t be led astray

    title-being the nature walk-i am one with Grandmother Moon and Mother Earth

    traikenery-talking directly to nature

    portrait of whoever wrote all these words-female, metis, long, beautiful hair, usually braided, talks to herself alot, analytical, reflective, listens to her gut instinct, is one with nature, has an affinity for Mother Earth, natural, thinks outside the box, hidden pain, smiles even if it hurts, doesn’t drink or abuse drugs (anymore), open-minded, accepting, empathetic, traditional, wears skirts and dresses, expresses her native heritage through dress, goes to ceremony, sweats, explores


    Suzanne Lee
    Business Owner

  41. jordylittlepoplar says:

    stream of conciuosness- I realizethat i have lots to offer in many ways ,so i can offer much more.
    tweet- I have learned a few things in this process, so maybe i can relate and bemore open in other things.
    Title- Laughs and dreams
    Make up your word- sosquatch as in sasquatch- Its like this big being that we all here about, maybe in the back of our minds it is not there fo real but we can leave it to our own imagination
    Portrait whoever wrote all these words.They are imaginative, colorful,thinkers, good with literacy, have a way of capitlizing their thoughts.Bsaically they or them, have a sense of being and they drive a ferrarri use premium, chew snuff and.

  42. clintroansr says:

    reading number eight –

    one word – rebirth

    one sentance –
    its a metis women wanting and waiting for the spring she longed for like when she grew up of her home land…..

    one paragragh –
    she talks about how happy she is at thime of year where she even wakes up laughing cause these are most happiest time why its like reliveing her childhood all over again, where she remembers her home by the water the way it all looked when everything was starting to change leave the winter behind…

    stream of conciousness –
    it made me missed this time as well, cause its spring today and its so cold outside right now, so i long and miss the warm weather, all the out door activites, excspeisly the pow wow season
    but also the smellls, the taste, the hot rays of the sun maken me sweat, the grass between my toes the birds singing kids playing. i can picture all this as im writing right now and can see all of these thing as clear as this cold that im enduring on this day, but like i said this poem just made me think of this and what im missing so much and thats waiting for the snow to melt so the rebirth to start so all living thing can come to life so i can start to enjoy life outside once again instead of being cooped up indooors day after day long for this, i miss it, i wish for it at this very piont and will take great advantage of it when it comes………

    tweet – please let the rebirth begin so we all can start living again ” SUMER TIME” here i come….

    title – the labour of spring to the rebirth of sumer
    i titled it this cause this is all what i took from this aurthers poem, it made me feel the spring the summer the rebirth of a new season about to happen and thats when are best memories happen..

    blangderhousing – this is my word and it means this is my world and im taken it by storm..

    portraite of for who ever wrote all these poems;
    these women, have great minds, do to the fact they made me dwelve in my inner self i see them aas visionairies, whos souls are deap whith great amaginations, makes me think that they are native maybe metis, with a deep culture in there blood, and the material world is not such a big thing in there lives that thier family oriented, but at the same time successful in there own persective and dont have a care to what people think of them…..

    written BY CLINTON ROAN SR

  43. chermontour says:

    Reading #8

    One Word – Red
    One Sentence – The red skin is flying and looking down on earth, thinking of the memories that lie there.
    One Paragraph – There is a stillness as the Proud Metis is looking down to the lands from the plane window. Recalling childhold memories and reminicing about life. I can’t really tell what the writer is feeling.
    Stream of Consciousness – Dream, laughter, walking on Great Lakes. Snow lingering about the ground below. Around the trees, on the rocks, everywhere. Grandmother Moon shines bright. I kind of think at that moment maybe the writer is a fairy… flying amongst the trees, clouds, lakes. Sprinkling its pixie dust all about. This is all happening during the early morning hours. A time when the moon still shines its light and dawn early light is rising from the east. Childhood longings, songs and melodies, winds, blowing and sounding all over the lands and the skies. Don’t know about the tree. Tree signifies life so it is what it is. Water, ice, all part of what replenished everything on the face of the earth.
    Tweet – the things you think of while flying on a plane. Lucky thing there is not god damn snakes on the mother *ahem* plane.
    Title – Mother Earth’s canvas because the person is looking down at earth
    My definition of – hmmmmm
    is wonderment… it could mean just about anything!
    Describe how you imagine who wrote all this – The writers are everyday people, of aboriginal descent. They are older as it seems they have more experience in life, just through reading what they have written. They like to write about winter, spring and nature. Putting a bit of their heritage into the writings. They wear modern day clothing. Nothing too fancy.

    Signed by Cheryl Montour

  44. deannazfnbiz says:

    Reading # Eight
    One Word-Louis Riel

    One Sentence-A dream that Louis Riel once had.

    One Paragraph-The Metis people of Canada have for hundreds of years suffered the atrocities of their government. Louis Riel was hanged for his people whom he dearly loved. His beliefs that Metis are First Nations came at a high cost but enivetably his dream came true. The writing is in Manitoba, ‘the great lakes’, ‘the ottawa’. This is based in Eastern Canada.

    Stream of Conciousness-An awesome writing because my father is Metis (stepfather) Paul Chartrand from Inwood Manitoba. He is a direct descendant of Louis Riel. And growing up listening to his stories will be forever instilled in my brain. The description given by the writer is impeccable to the locations of where my dad grew up. He knows the great lakes, also, ex; the only way to get to Pukatawakin is by plane. I visualized Louis Riel describing a dream he had. The line ‘walk on top of great lake waters’ is soooo ironic because, I always said event to my dad, that Louis Riel was the Jesus of the Metis people.

    Tweet-It’s awesome, it is very well written. I mean I was sitting in the passenger side seat on the plane. A complete visual to the dream, I am brought back to Manitoba, I see the Metis people. ‘My red, red heart’

    TITLE-MY HEART, MY PEOPLE, MY DREAM-I give this title because Louis Riel is a true Canadian Hero. For those who don’t have knowledge in Canadian history, well it sucks to be you. This writing is great! Just as great as the great lakes.


    Portrait of the writers: I see the writers as woman, as perhaps Metis & Cree. Published writers or poets, perhaps employed in the teaching field. English majors, or even English teachers. Definately or perhaps First Nations individuals. One perhaps prim & proper, very clean, well dressed. The other casual & real, not too worried about the small stuff. But adamant about her work. Both well travelled.

    Signed; Deanna Cutknife

  45. tamarasaddleback says:

    One word- art
    One Sentence- the person is reflecting on life through the different types of art.
    One Paragraph- he is reflecting on the types of people places and thing’s through the artistic way of life. he want it know that everything is a meaning and a topic of art.
    Stream of Consiusness-to me this is a form of art, from the dreams and to the picture’s that he is writing about, theway the where mean to be seen. he is trying to get us to use the imagnation part of the brain. there is many different types of art forms painting, picture taking, music, the syliabic way of life of the planes desends all there stories are art. the water and the birds the places the people. all a form of art in some way or another.
    Tweet- weather you are a person, place or thing you are an artist!!! ( and you didn’t even know it).
    Title- the arts of language- very thing is a form of art.
    My Definition- lifefull- life is unique and full of surprises so always be LIfefull. 🙂

    discriibe the person – older male, from a metis community, someone who is close to the women figure in there lifes, i picture a tall man with black whitish hair with brown eyes fair skin. someone who had imagations and who has lived a great or sad life. and has great backround teaching.


  46. normanpotts says:

    Reading # 8-

    one word- Dream

    one sentence- A poem about a dreamer sitting on a plane, and talks about his dream within a dream, when he wake sup and realizes he is landing in toronto.

    One paragraph- again im not very good and understanding the poem but

    Stream of conciousness- reminds of when i was flying to vancouver island a place where i have never been before, i only dreamt about this place, watching it on tv , the news, and finally i got there and i was in awww. I know now that i can make all my dreams come true by just working hard at it and making it happen instead of waiting for it to happen or handed to me, not only am i making my dreams come true but i am also making memories for myself, my family and the new people i meet there. i dont think of them as dreams anymore i think of them as opportunities.

    Tweet- i think this story was interesting, was about him flying in an airplane having a dream. and tellig us about his dream and what it was about. it got me thinking of my times i traveled to hawii and vancouver. i have been to hawaii twice, and once to vancouver and i have dreamt about being on my way to these destinations.

    Title- My flying dream
    meaning- well he is having a dream while on a plane flying to toronto and tells his story about it.

    definition- love
    love means to me caring about the people around me and even the people i dont know or just meet, does not mean i wanna marry them it means i have a big heart and i can fit the whole world in it, and still have room.

    portrait- i imagine these people are normal people like us, i dont think that its a gender issue. i think they have great intentions of what they write, as poems i believe that everyone has there own and puts it there own words. i know my self now that i can write a great poem if i put my heart and mind into it. i think these people are halfbreeds. i wouldnt know what type of people they are till i meet them face to face, as a pices im sure i will know with first impressions and there actions.

    Signed by Mr. Norman L. Potts

  47. reinabest26 says:



    ONE SENTENCE-i think this piece is part of a story,and or a personal overview of the world to ones eyes

    one paragraph-i think this person is analyzing the world,and nature and everything around them,and trying to put into perspective what they see and trying to understand it all from a plane view and relate it to their own kind.

    stream of conscienceness-she wakes up to a sunrise….a horizon…shes in a plane and high up above and writing what she sees.yet she feels as though she has a hold on the world and that there are no limits…the sky is the limit .she finds sense of comfort from being high above and putting what she sees into perspective.it is reality.like a dream.nothing is inpossible.and she feels her need to be not without water,she also describes how land is more than water,and this we should all be cautious of.

    tweet- water is the life giver.we are all drying out,how do we perserve,how do we survive?

    title- WATER N SURVIVAL- i think this piece exsplains the bigger picture from a high point of veiw…not to mention truth…….our world is drying up….how do we survive

    my definition-LOVE-love is blind,love is kind,love is cruel,love is fine,i think my definition of LOVE is something you can never live without,care about,would go to the ends of earth to protect that feeling.love is the key to compassion and sucsess and to our oneselfs life journy

    portrait of whoever wrote all these pieces-i think these pieces are wrote by inteligent ,smart, down to earth people…..i think they are all people who are so in tune with themselves and thier every surrounding that writing for them is like waking up and standing up and walking……and they are some kind of nechi.smart nechis….lol


  48. jonathan says:

    My Poem- Where are my thoughts
    where do i get these ideas
    are they from my forefathers
    are they telling me of my story
    or am i telling someone elses?

    when do i get to find this out?
    are people what i am suppose to learn?
    How can i do this when i dont really know myself?
    I love life dearly

    Love and life go hand in hand
    everyone has there own story
    this is mine


  49. janellec96 says:

    Reading 7

    One word- lost

    One sentence- There is not much to go on about this piece.

    One paragraph- Its talks about a dream in the beginning and then it just decribes scenery I guess. I suppose it is talking about the imagination.

    Stream of conciousness- I do not get this piece. Its not much to go on. I am trying to read between the lines but I find it hard. I guess maybe I shouldn’t overthink it. The beginning talks about a dream, then a cold that lingers. Then it mentions the road of life. After that it says the wings that carry teeth, so i guess that means silence? I don’t get it. What is the point of this? All that is going on through my head is that I had a delicious indian taco at lunch and this short piece. I’m waiting for more to be said, more to be heard, just more. I will see what my peers say about this and then i will get a better understanding and then it will click. That is my method of learning. Or is it just me?!

    Tweet- I’m lost. I am waiting for the rest of this piece. I think that I am overthinking it or not reading between the lines. I don’t know.

    Title- Daydream, I chose this because it talks about a dream but to me it was pointless. There was no point. Its seems to still be left in “la la land”.

    My definition of- Dream, our inner desires.

    My poem- From the day they put you were put into my arms i fell in love. You were my first born, my first love. Together we have been through so many ups and downs. I know I hurt you in the past. You did not deserve it. I know I have said things to you that no child should hear. I know I did things to you that no child should feel. Why did I do those awful things to you? It was my fault. I wasn’t treating myself right and so I did not treat you right. That was the past. We need to move on. In order for us to move on I need to let you know that I’m sorry and it wasn’t your fault. I love you more than life itself. You are the sunshine for my cloudy days. You are my gold at the end of the rainbow. I will protect you as much as I can and yet still let you grow. I love you my son.


    Janelle Crier

  50. jordylittlepoplar says:

    one word-moon light-
    This person or persons is using metaphors.
    one paragraph-This writing reflects as to how this person or persons view life in a kalidoscope through him or her eyes. Lots can be said about this but we can only assume as to what the writer is saying.We can also try and relate as to what is being said or what trying to be put forward. I am using my thoghts.
    Stream of conciousness-I am kind of lost for words at this moment, but i can only speculate as to what the
    writer is trying to say. Therefore i can only let my imagination let it takes it’s course.The meanings can only be brought forth as to why i am going toward my next objective, so on and so on. Let their be light, and .
    tweet-I can not say too much about this writing because i am more or less going on fumes(running out of gas).Ekota pitama, .
    Title-perspectives-The reason icall this perspectives is because their is so much to contemplate, therefore iam what i am and i will stick to my story, and may God bless you all
    My definition of dream- is something that we look forward to, and basically set our sights on.
    Mypoem-I have alway thought i could,
    but unfortunatly i guess i could not,
    lo and bold ican see the light thru foggy glasses.
    My thoughts and guts are all in a knot,
    if it was not for this confusing classes.
    I will maintain composure,
    so i can come to some kind of closure.
    signed, Jordy lp

  51. clintroansr says:

    Reading number seven –

    one word – “huh”

    one sentance –
    kinda losing me cause theres to many things goin on i this piece i cant get my head into it…

    one paragragh –
    i’m finding it hard to get into to it i keep getting lost by by the next sentance when one takes me some where then next has nothing to do with it, sorry but to me its to all over the place to make me think its about any one thing inparticler, i dont feel its presance…

    stream of conciousness –
    ok to me the only thing that comes to mind when reading it was a person drifting out of mind becauase of a dream that she kept thinking of, or other things ,nuthing imortant nuthing inporticalar with no signifigance . that maybe it was just another day with no meaning why her mind wondered all over the place….. I dont know made me feel kinda dumb cause i couldnt make sence of this paticalar piece of writing…… maybe later ill be like “dah” but right now its still like “huh”…..

    tweet –
    this peice didnt stand out for me i was lost right from start to end it was like all over the place it didnt send me off to any place speical or have anything to relate so i could relate or even make me be creative and i ussually can with know hesitation…

    title – wondering of the mind
    and reason why is like i said it made me wonder to no where speical….

    my definition of – dream
    how i define dream is to me can many things depends the state of mind im in or where im at in my life but for right now i can say to me its like anything in the world is possible…

    my poem –
    a look at the big blue sky, to feel the breeze brush against my skin, as my hair stands on end
    to run like a child again free of all of worlds pressure. to be inascent and pure like a freshly budding flower after a thundering storm. to spreading my wings as i soar like a eagle on a endless path to the next world, to stomping of my feet when the drum pounds my songs. I long for your return with anticapation so i can feel ache no more …..


  52. normanpotts says:

    Reading # 7-

    One word-Dream

    One sentence- dreaming of flying in the the clouds.

    One Paragraph- i think this might be about a painting or a picture im not sure but my mind was totally blank reading this, something is blocking my mind right now. i have to quit worrying so much about pleasing others when i should be thinking of myself at this moment

    Stream of conciousness-

    this poem i have no understanding of what it means, either it’s my thinking right now or this peom wasnt meant for all of us to understand. i am very good with some of the peoms that were presented to me and i was able to understand them, but i think they mean nothing to me if i dont understand them. i see everyone else typing about this peom so it could be just me.

    Tweet- i dont understand this one, sorry i can not write something about a topic that i do not understand

    Title- A dream-

    Definition of- dream
    My definition of dream is things that you wish for, what you want in life, its what you do when you sleep,

    My Poem-

    I sit and think
    the sky is blue, the worlds turning
    my feet ache, tired from nights
    everybody listening, only quiet fills me

    the smoke rises but i can not smell
    the day is half, still cant smell
    me knees yurning to be fullfilled
    stop of breath

    the sun moves, to where i want it
    now i breath, now i can smell.

    Signed Mr Norman L. Potts

  53. angieroan says:

    reading #7

    one word – dream

    one sentence – i think this is about family violence, or the aftermath of a harsh night.

    one paragraph – this piece of writing is making me think of an abused woman…? the next day and how she is remembering the night before…it lingers still. she remembers the words that were spoken and its still fresh in her mind and the blind eye that never reveals itself. i dont know why i saw this, but thats what i saw.

    stream of conciousness – this piece made me think of the amount of family violence that goes on in the world, not only against women but men as well, the fear that they are worth this kind of love, that they cant escape this kind of torture, because it is so subtle, unless you know what to look for you never see it…the blind eyes of society refuse to acknowledge it cover it up with make up and sweetness. the control over ones person is strong and it goes deep…the fear of the unknown or stepping out of your comfort zone, to take a stand is what keeps them hidden, keep them stifled…are they worth anyone listening to them, will they believe them, i dont know? sometimes the pain is all that they are used to and they cant break away from it, they deserve this…ive seen it too many times to not care, ive seen what it does to the soul, ive seen how someone so beautiful can be turned old in a blink of an eye, how the spirit gets sucked out of them, brainwashed ino believing they are worthless,

    tweet – the truth can sometimes hurt, but who has the guts to be truthful? look inside, are you truthful to yourself? you are worth more than you can imagine!

    title – the next day, i chose this title because i saw the “next day” of a harsh night.

    my definition of – dream; to enter into the subconscious mind, to be in another realm – one that has meaning in the conscious mind . also – to see the future, what it is you want, to envision it in your mind

    my poem – sitting in silence she thinks of her home
    beautiful and comfortable
    thoughts are all she has at this hour
    the day the month the year ahead
    she gives thanks
    kokoms gone, but she visits everyday
    her heart yearns for appreciation
    her body aches for the softness long gone
    not long now, retrn to the place that they came from
    innocent and free

    signed Angie Roan

  54. slee06 says:

    reading #7

    one word-entranced

    one sentence-tied to reality only in body. in mind and soul, we are infinite.

    one paragraph-there is truth all around us, it resonates back to us, in all that is, and all that isn’t. All we need is to look, or not look.

    stream of consciousness-life makes no sense, why try to make sense out of something that can’t be put into a “box”. Go with your gut instinct. Dream, enjoy it. Your reality may not be mine and mine may not be yours, both are valid all the same. Truth lies within me and you, it’s good to have differences of opinion, of thought, because we each have something unique to offer. This is how we learn and expand our minds. I would be very bored if I only thought of what i think, only consider what i do. Learn to be open and honest.

    tweet-she reminds me of me, not because she has long hair and cold fingers (lol), but because she is in a far off place in her mind, visiting her daydreams, and they give her hope.

    title-silent sounds-there is a very quiet air to this poem, yet it speaks loudly

    my definition of-dream-limitless, there are no borders or bounadries, no confinement, sense in nonsense

    my poem-i think with my hands, i speak with my eyes
    i hear with my gut, i feel with my mouth
    i make sense out of nonsense
    i make nonsense out of fact
    i am here and iam gone
    do not try to figure me out, you will be let down
    with what you think you have found
    because what you think you have found to be
    is only what you want to find, and it isn’t me

    Yours truly,
    Suzie Q

  55. murielsimon says:

    Reading 7-
    One Word-Wakening.
    One Sentence-An open window sharing the morning’s Energy.
    One Paragragh-What the morning and the day have in store for you as you awake from your slumber.The outside world beyound the window that you look out of.
    Stream of Consciousness-Is she awake or is she still in the dream,looking around as the earth lives.She thinks she is alone but really she is not.The presence of something is at her reach,yet she cant move,nor speak. Just as the presence is near she feels as thou she is falling,and yet can’t seem to stop herself.All she sees is a light and then colors of what seems to be getting closer and closer.She has found herself in a web of light and faded colors,what is this she thinks.What is happening?Just Then she is being pulled downward feeling cold as she is then at the edge of the water.Just as many dreams end abruptly she finds herself in her bed in her room.
    Tweet- The way dreams make their presence,and how we look at them or try to define them.
    Title-Awakening Dreams-To me is has the word Dream so i just went with it.
    My Definition of- Dream-I define dream as something that has alot of meaning,its telling you something.
    My Poem- Just as it has happened before I have seen it
    The light beyond anything that has yet to be seen with the Naked eye
    It was always there but i have not seen it till now
    Can any one else see it?Why is it there? I like to know
    is this the Power that keeps pulling me?Am I ready?I try to answer the
    questions but find myself lost.Lost looking around for that glimmer of hope
    to guide me to show me what is my destiny.

  56. deannazfnbiz says:

    Reading # Seven-One Word-EARTH

    One Sentence-A single moment, a dawn of a new day, Mother Earth.

    One Paragraph-A peaceful silence in the start of a new day. A look at Mother Earth, threw the eyes of ‘many’ that being all animals in nature. Threw the eyes of humanity, and the writing also takes the reader to the ocean again. The moon and sky also have involvement in the reading. ‘Wings that carry teeth’ okay, that throws me right off!! I just visualized a magpie picking an old mans false teeth out of a garbage bin!! & hence, flying away!

    Stream of Conciousness-This is one beautiful moment in time. A split second in our universe, & the utmost beauty of Mother Earth & all of her infinate beauty. The many descriptions in the writing indicates mother nature & her bounty, again I visualize a beautiful Spring morning.

    Tweet-This writing is somewhat a repetitive version of the other readings. The words are different but the messge is the same. Mother Earth-Water-Life, so on and so forth.

    Title-DAWN-I give this writing this particular title because of the description of a new day. And the beauty of Mother Nature.

    My Definition of-DREAM-A thought that everyone can make a reality.

    My Poem-NOW I KNOW-

    Through the eyes of my mother I have learned
    through her eyes I see her pain, and through
    her eyes I see, life, death; I see eternity.

    Now I know the things that she has said
    mean the world to me now, the laughter,
    the tears. The Life my mother has given me

    Now I know that there is a reason for
    everything. She has taught me everything
    happens for a reason, And that the Creator is always
    there with you no matter what. I am sitting here
    today because of her. The strength she has given me.
    I am forever grateful, NOW I KNOW

    Signed; Deanna Cutknife

  57. reading#7

    one word-dream

    one sentence-dreams reflect how we feel sub-consciously

    one paragraph-dreams are confusing just as how life can be confusing when we are not sure of our own choices. that dreams hold no boundaries and can be what you make of them just like in real life . shatter the boundaries that hold you back and live your dream.

    stream of consciousness-being unbounded in dreams is how we all wish to live our lives in the real world. but the fear and realities of truth and circumstance is what tends to hinder most people, that they set aside their dreams and take a more practical approach to life that they consider smart and safe . which crushes that chance of bringing your dream to life cause now your playing it safe and afraid to take a chance and risk to fore-fill your dreams and potential. Life without risk is no life at ALL !!!!!!

    tweet-a very interesting read about how dreams can reflect our inner self and the calmness of thought is what I am getting from this piece of work.

    Title- dream of silence- because she is dreaming of thoughts it is not being narrated though a voice but as an after thought .

    my definition of-dream: A sub conscious thought that manifests it self into a story or idea

    My Poem- the rusted steel that mimics an old dream that fades away
    like memories of a far off dream or dreams of a far off memory
    sunlight on your face,piercing through the skin. like a loud horn
    yelling wake up wake up telling you to dream again

    Leslie Yellowbird 🙂

  58. reinabest26 says:

    reading #7

    one word-sunrise

    one sentence-she is on a vacation and it is morning

    one paragraph-i think she was on a sandy beach vacation,and awoke from a dream,more so HER dream,if you dream big,you shall recieve

    stream of conscienceness-people live thier day to day lives,weather that include work,play,ect.there comes a time when everyone needs ME time,most people go on vacations for this ME time.i think she had a dream about a place or destination.and followed her dream.just like owning a buissness,the idea or passion has to have come from somewhere,ex. a dream. someone dreams of owning thier own buissness,then they will,someone dreams of fame and being famous,if they really want it,there will never be anything to stand in their way

    tweet-it was all thought out on paper,then it was a dream,and now its her reality,she dreamed big,and is now in her dream

    title-dream big-anything is possible if its your dream,however the knowing the diffrence between grasping a dream and living it ,is diffrent from dreaming about something and accepting as just that.

    my definition of-dream- a dream is subconciose need……..you act upon in order to get to where you want to be in life,or a dream is a reflection of your memory or mind,or a dream can act as a subconcious warning,or a dream can alter the future-thus being called dejavue ,when awake and realization sets in and you feel as though you have been there before.but havent.I THEREFORE BELIEVE THIS IS A JOURNAL ENTRY OF HER OWN

    MY POEM-







  59. chermontour says:

    Reading #7
    One Word – Dream
    One Sentence – Early Moring dream gathering her long hair into one hand.

    One Paragraph – This women is off in dream land thinking about memories that have past. She is thinking of the beach, where the waves hit the rocks, just as the brisk morning air is hitting her. Thinking about the road of life and where its going opposed to where its been.

    Stream of thought – Early morning dream, gathering her long hair into one hand. Deep cold lingers, old words that carry. Remembering the rich, wet sand, ocean floor’s floating out moon’s crescent. Two clouds thri think lines the only light in the sky. Don’t know what lays ahead…

    Tweet – Not too sure if she’s awake or dreaming.

    Title – Early Morning Dream
    Because this is happening in the early morning.

    My definition of – dream
    thoughts, ideas, wants and desire. Whether they be conscious or unconscious.

    My Poem –
    the words pan out under my fingertips
    onto the screen
    What do they mean?
    Are they just words without meaning?

    I wish that I could just write and write
    have it all make sense
    to the readers
    To Myself.

    I wish that I could have my words flow
    onto paper, as they do flow in my thoughts
    It difficult to write a poem
    yet in my head, I am an amazing Poet
    My expressions are surreal
    they allow me to feel
    what it is in this world that make me who I am

    I am accepted
    Not ridiculed
    I am me
    And that makes me happy
    That’s all that matter

    I could write about blue skies, nutures song
    but is that really me expressing what it is that I want
    or is that me trying to be some one that I am not

    by Cher Montour

  60. tamarasaddleback says:

    Reading 7
    one word- dreamer
    One Sentence-like the two clouds in the sky, deamer only dream.
    One Paragraph- the only light in the sky, her thought are flying through her mind.
    stream of consiouness- its amazing how people can get lost in a deep state of mind. there imagination just runs willd and unbound with what is writen nor seen. they can be awhole different person or be gone into a place of comfort. they can set a new life or journey for themselfs without it even being real.
    Tweet- some people or creative and some people can only wish they had a power of mind, inner streghths.
    Title- imaginations…. thinking, being with in yourself in spirit and and mind. creative.
    my Definition- dream- dreams are like goal set in your mind, everyone likes to dream big.
    My peom-

    lights opening through the sky
    your voice, your guidence

    the stories of the unknown
    painting your pictures
    your butterfly expressions

    soon the wings will wrap around
    singing softly through the air.


  61. normanpotts says:

    Reading # 6

    One word- Afraid

    One sentence- about a woman who was scared to come out to the real world.

    One paragraph- this woman was once scared to leave her surroundings and go out into the world. but now she isnt afrid to now and see’s the beauty that nature has to offer.

    Stream of conciousness- this kind of reflects on seeing myself once when i was an alcoholic, i was always inside, didnt like to go anywhere cause i always seemed to end up meeting the wrong people. but now that i have thrown that booze away im not afraid to come out into the world and live my life the way i always wanted to. it wasnt too late to start a new life even at my age. i still had a chance to live the last decades of my life with happiness, joy and being successful as an entrepreneur. thats all i can say today, i am so exhausted from work in the evenings right after school till late at night, from now on im controling how i do things and take it one step at a time and try not to multi-task all the time.

    Tweet- i think this story is ok. i wasnt really into this one, but like the last one it kind of reflected an image of me, in a way i dont really see reading these peoms is going to help me with my computer business, i will however finish this reading teachings.

    Title- Afraid now not afraid.
    Meaning? this woman was afraid at first but wasn’t later.

    My Definition of- Evil
    jelousy, hate, doing things to others without them even knowing what happened. someone lieing to your loved ones, others, and believing that the truth is being told.

    signed, the computer guy

  62. deannazfnbiz says:

    Reading # 6-One Word-BUTERFLY

    One Sentence-The life cylce of a butterfly, from the cocoon, life being exposed to her, & the fears of her surroundings.

    One Paragraph-Maybe she’s a butterlfy being rasised in an aqaurium, because she’s in a room with four walls. There is also mention of being in a tree and life outside. There’s tadpoles, she gets help from a spider, there’s also fireflies.

    Stream of Conciousness-This reading is somewhat confusing, my initial visual is Spring & the rebirth of mother nature and the insects that co-habitate our earth. Initially my first indication is a butterfly & how a butterfly is exposed the the elements of mther nature. Also how other insects co-exist with eachother. What throws me off is the line that states, ‘where sometimes they shared laughter’ hmmm? do butterflies laugh?? Or insects in general, a thought that has never crossed my mind. Unless life is a Pixar Movie? Very interesting read nonetheless!!

    Tweet-This reading is entrhalling in a sense that in todays mainstream societ6y one never really thinks about insects or the ‘lives of insects’. The most revealling aspect of this piece and obvious direction it takes is Mother Nature. The rebirth and renewal of nature, like a beautiful Spring morning and the abundance of life that mother nature offers.

    TITLE-A Beautiful Spring Day & Natures Abundance. Named because of the direction the reading guides the reader.

    My Definition Of-EVIL-Darkness, Negativity, Satan, ‘Munts-mun-to-‘ the Cree word for (not sure if I spelled it right but the pronounciation is there) The Devil (Satan). Although when I do see the word ‘Evil’ There is brightness behind it! hmm Go figure?

    Brought to you by; Mayor Deanna Cutknife-Samson Cree Nation President & CEO-All Nations Camp Services-Entrepeneur Extrordinaire

  63. slee06 says:

    reading #6
    one word-exposed

    one sentence-experiencing pain that you can’t hide from, no matter how hard you try

    one paragraph-being forced to face your fears, you really don’t want to, but you have no choice. when it is finally done, it is liberating

    stream of consciousness-exposure, having to face reality, not wanting this reality, wanting more out of life, wanting all the best, feeling it manifest within thought, seeing nature as yourself, being nature, comfort, nature heals us, if we let it. nature helps us, if we let it. losing a mother is one of the hardest things in life, losing a child is the worst thing in life. allow ourselves to heal, accepting the hurt and pain will allow us to move on, although it never really goes away. I miss my Wapi 😦 she’s my sister’s baby, but she’s mine too

    tweet-no matter how different we all are, everyone of us on this earth, we all feel that excruciating pain of losing a loved one, the same.

    titile-laughter in the darkness-we must always try our best to pick ourselves up when we are down. Believe. Hope.

    my definition of-evil-darkness of the soul


    Light in the Soul,

    Suzanne Lee

  64. jordylittlepoplar says:

    reading #6one word-nature
    one sentence-confused and longing for meaning in her life.
    one paragraph-Their is so much going on in this granny”s life that she or they are always comparing their ideas and thoughts, also they are using nature
    stream of conciousness- This peice of literature seems to be using many ways to express his or her thoughts, weare constantlt reminded that nature plays a major role in this peice o reading.We also have to use our imagination to our benefit. Many ideas come to mind everytime i read this poem or piece of writing so i am always looking for new ideas, that will fit in some sort of fashion wheter.
    tweet-I find that this peice of writing kind of cofusing, but i still chug alonganyway.
    Title-Going on a trip- The reason i called it this is because their is motion involved.
    My definition of evil-is something that is totally oppossite of everything that represents good in this world.Akosi, pitama,nechisuk.
    Signed,Jordy lp

  65. angieroan says:

    reading #6
    one word – self

    one sentence – i think this piece is about the self…the self we sometimes dont look at.

    one paragraph – this piece says to me that whoever she is shes looking inward at her insecurities and her thoughts, thoughts that are all her own, no one hears what she says to herself, the voice in her head, those are her thoughts and feelings. No one can tell her if they are right or wrong…because she hasnt shared them with anyone. breaking down the walls of her insecurities and becoming the woman who is afraid to go out on her own, afraid to leave her mother.

    stream of conciousness – sometimes the voice inside your head talks and sometimes the thoughts you have are questionable, from every waking moment you are alive your inner voice speaks…whether we choose to listen or not, whether its right or wrong…shes there. sometimes i wonder why these crazy weird thoughts creep into my mind, where do they come from? and why? i sometimes choose to ignore her, she crazy! other times she helps me to deal with things that bother me, anxiety and fear creep in once in a while and i feel helpless against them, i need her to scare them away or talk me into reality. some people say its crazy to talk to yourself..i must be crazy because i talk to myself and sometimes i answer…is that weird? i’ve been doing it almost all my life, probly because shes the only one that wont tell me im crazy…she thinks im smart, brilliant, funny, and i think so too! kidding, i try not to worry so much about the things that go through my head, i think its because they are my own private thoughts and they remain mine until i decide to share them with someone…whether they are profound or just little tid bits of my mind, its not that lonely inside my head i trust her and she wouldnt hurt me…i think im rambling on and on about the same insane things…but this is where this piece of writing has brought me.

    tweet – there is a fine line between genius and insane, i chose to walk the tightrope of my mind…with a net of course!!!

    title – the voice inside of me, the reason i chose this title is because it provoked me to think about my own inner voice, or inner self. and the image that i have of myself and how it sometimes scares me.

    my definition of – evil; without light, without a soul, without compassion or empathy…

    signed Angie Roan – tightrope walker

  66. leslieyellowbird says:


    one word-emotional

    one sentence-the state of mind frame one puts themselves in while in deep thought of personal issues.

    one paragraph- all the emotion that the writer had she put out in her poem ,about the fears she has and the hurt she feels about herself. also the longing to let go of her troubles and that feeling to hurt herself from the evil of the world.

    stream of consciousness-the feelings that come to me when I read this is sadness and the troubled heart ,to be lost and not knowing which way to go at that crossroads of the heart, mind and soul.to let go of all fears that block your path and hold you back from moving forward.memories that stand out to bring laughter when dark thoughts creep near

    tweet-very interesting to read made me want read it again to find all that i could take from this story and ask why do we as people continue to let ourselves feel this way. why can we not let go and try understand we feel this way because we want to and that we don’t want to let go .

    title-reluctant reflection : because of the need to let go ,but being unable to do so

    my definition of-EVIL: is hate incarnate , good people doing nothing to help change what needs to be change .

    Leslie Yellowbird

  67. murielsimon says:

    Reading 6
    One Word-Hurt
    One Sentence-Hiding from painful and hurtfull things that won’t let you be.
    One Paragragh-The presence of pain that you have endured through life and why it wont leave you alone.Trying to get away from it and yet it still lingers.Why does it always haunt you,This dark and evil thing.
    Stream of Conscious-The darkness of how pain will put a person through,just to test that person on how far the darkness can push them.Just as it has them in a trance,she will find a way to fight it,the urge to break.Trying hard she finds that she is being pulled away from this darkness.Looking solely in to the water,looking for any hope of Healing.The answers that are there but hard to reach alone,always trying not to look back at the darkness.Then a glimmer of that hope comes to her as the memories are much happier.
    Tweet-The ache and pain that will always be there lingering and waiting for her to be pulled in its darkness.And finding it hard to recover from it.
    Title-The Darkness-I gave it this name because it is somewere no one likes to go.
    My Definition of-Evil-This word to me means something that does bad things to people.
    Signing Off
    Muriel (Mawy) Simon

  68. chermontour says:

    Reading #6 –
    One Word – Exposed

    One Sentence – I want it all!!!

    One Paragraph – Its like any animal born into the wild, coming a time when they have to grow up and not be protected by mama any longer. A time when the creature must fend for itself. Its happening all around with all the other life forms in the forest. Life and death is part of what keeps the circle of life going.

    Stream of Consciousness – Nowhere to hide, exposed by an opeing in the trees, weather changing, the coming of a rain storm. I WANT IT ALL!!! Life forms all around, living and dying. The light of the moon is soon going to disappear and she may not be able to see or be seen. It is a spider that is showing her the way. The humans are the evil in the world… It hurts her that she has to go off on her own and leave her mother’s side. It is just something that must happen. It cannot be helped. The scary clouds go away and the safety of the moons light brings her that little bit of safety that she was seeking. What lie out there in the world? What awaits us? Dare we go out to explore? Or just enjoy the place where we are now? Not finding out won’t do anyone any good… steps must be taken.

    Tweet – This peom kind of reminds me of Bambi. The moment that his mother dies, he has to learn to fend for himself. Accept the things that are and keep living and looking ahead as his mother would want him to.

    Title – By the Light of the Moonlight
    The reason I choose this title is because the setting of the peom is happening under the moonlight.

    My definition of Evil –
    Evil is a negative force/presence. May it be through a person, action, or words. Evil is mean, decietful, and always working towards bringing you down.

    signed: Cher Montour

  69. janellec96 says:

    Reading 6

    One word- Sad

    One Sentence- She is grieving from the loss of her mother

    One paragraph- She doesn’t want to be in reality. She doesn’t want to acknowledge the loss of her mother. She wishes she could still have her.

    Stream of conciousness- She doesn’t want to be in reality because than she knows that her mother will never be there. She wanders off in her head trying to distract herself but it is too hard to do. The loss was great. She wants to be selfish and keep her mother with her. She doesn’t want to let her spirit go. When she talks about hurting it, hurting herself, it touches home with me because I had a friend that commited suicide and a week later another friend did the same because the loss was too great. I think that that too is also selfish. You are telling young people that if its too much just leave then. She reminices about the good times she had with her mother and all the moments they shared together. That is why she stares out the window asking why was it done. Why did she have to go? Why did you take her?

    Tweet- This piece is something that I can agree with. You don’t want to ackowledge a loss. You remember all the good times. You ask why?

    Title- Nowhere to Hide, I chose this title because it was in the first line. You cannot hide from reality. Eventually it will catch up to you.

    My definition of- Evil, something that its intention is to hurt you in any way possible


    Janelle Crier

  70. jonathan says:

    Reading #6
    1 Word- insects
    1 Sentence- the life of an insect.
    1 Pargraph- the life of an insect is so delicate. it is no wonder that they are scared of humans because we are the dominate species on earth. but who knows how insects think? im sure that they do not have feelings like us humans do?
    Stream of consciceness- small, minute, infinite, fine, abundant, creepy, crawls, delicate, inferior, many species, evolving, nature, routine, facts of life
    Tweet- why does anyone think that insects have feelings? only in writting i guess?
    Title- the life of an insect- the author talks about an insect that has feelings
    My definition of- Evil- an entity that is in all facts of life

  71. reinabest26 says:

    reading #6

    one word-depression

    one sentence-depression onset by grieveing process.

    one paragraph-i think this peom is about a woman who was really close with her mother,and when her mother passed on ,she was left feeling alone,and stuck in a greiving process,she couldnt overcome.

    stream of conscienceness-i have not exspierienced this sense of loss yet,as my mother is still alive,however it this were me i can honestly say i probley would have had the same feelings,i think it is human and natural to grieve for someone,however there comes a time when we need to learn to let go,i have been taught that we need to celebrate ones life,and not shed tears forever,all we are doing at that point is holding them back,also ourselves,but to let go and be happy that whom shall leave us,is well off and safe and happy on the other side,and as obserd as that sounds.i agree,not only because of what i have been told ,but that depression from a great loss can either make you or break you.depression is a scary yet real emotion most of us feel out of fear.thus we learn how to accept and be happy for those who are at peace ,we shall see again one day,it is NOT our choice to choose our time,but that when we go we will be just fine.

    tweet-greivience is a state of conscienceness….a frame of mind…a real feeling,which can make us or break us.depression is scary and is a sign you need help!

    title-depression or grief….it is the choice of one self ,to exsplore natural feelings,however,we need to be cautios as to what level we allow our minds to wonder to,our headspace is our leader,our feelings are not.

    my definition of-(evil) my definition of evil,is our own minds,we choose what and how to think and act,not feel,and that in its self is evil,it can make or break anyone,minds of humans are evil without proper understanding of possitive and negative thoughts


  72. tamarasaddleback says:

    Reading 6
    one word- Grieving
    One Sentence- lost soul, losing a loved one and feel dead inside
    One Paragragh- deep inside her feeling couldnt not hide, feeling scared for what she didnt not understand.
    Stream of Consiusness-losing faith and gaining it all back. wanting to fight yet the darkside was winning. still seeing the face and feeling love from the lost one, still being able to talk to and never let go. its like the water was her comfort, seeing the creatures helping through the hardship she couldnt let go. she could see the scars and what they where doing but she was still fighting a good fight.
    Tweet-gaining the trust and faith back from what was taking from her, find herself again.
    Title- No Where To Hide- feeling are all lost there is never any place to hide they will find you.
    My denfinition- Evil- Dark, lonely, afaird.

  73. clintroansr says:

    reading number six –

    one word – longing

    one sentance –
    she was lookin for answers only where see she thought she could see them in front of her…

    one paragragh –
    she belittle her self so small to the piont where she made herself insanfigant like the size of a bug but yearned for sumthing bigger greater, than what she was capable of but she was scared of all the hurt she might feel if she did….

    stream of conciousness –
    i beleive the caractor in this story made herself so afraid of change she beliittled herself so small like a insect towords the great big world around her, yet at the same time she could she the cracks of what she really wanted and yearned for it but her fears , her self asteam made it so that she could not come of shell, and yet she kept lookin for answers within herself but not come to relize that were all around her, not just what was in front of her like a refection, what was true answers of ascape of her self was to ascape all her fears so she could be what she really wanted…

    tweet –
    sumtimes letting go is hard when you think of how small you’ve become with all your own fears and beleifs, that sometimes we need to let go so we can reach for all that we want…

    title – looking with-in to find me my wants my needs my world
    i gave it this title cause the story made me think of what we really gatto look at to reach what really want out of this world i created for myself…

    my defifnition – evil
    is everything we create in or lives that make us scared, so that we cant move forword, that hold us from receiving or becoming what we want in our life…

    Clinton Roan Sr

  74. Reading#6
    One Word/ Me____

    One Sentence/ This poem reminds me of myself and it hurts to remember how I used to be, the pain almost absorbs me and takes me back to that place I used to be…____

    One Paragragh/ Tears in my eyes. I’m trying to hold back from letting lose the demons within that I had caged so damn long ago. I remember what I used to do, how I used to hurt myself and not care. I remember getting kicked out with no family to love, to love me. This hurts and I just… Can’t…____

  75. chermontour says:

    Reading #5 –
    One Word – Drive
    One Sentence – The individual is enjoying the sound of the rain storm.

    One Paragraph – The person is thinking of the life that the rain brings. How it nurtures mother earth. It makes the individual think of how people in the world have no clean drinking water, while others take advantage of water. The sound of the thunderbirds and lightning across the sky seem to be intriguing to him/her. This rain makes him/her think of his/her Metis grandmother. Just like nohkom, this person is respecting the culture, the songs and how it is good for them and glad that she taught them these teachings for they all have meaning.

    Stream of Consciousness – The driver is dressed up, driving along the highway during a rain storm. Listening to the thunderbirds and watching the lightning cross the sky. Remembering the songs and prayers that our culture has for times like this. A prayer is said, maybe giving thanks, maybe for protection. It must be raining hard if it is somewhat difficult to see the curbs. This person could possibly be in the mountains and sees the moon come out from behind one. Hearing Rivers flowing. The crow signifying that life goes thru many trials and tribulations. Storms may cause havoc but the rain also brings life. As the person drives there are billboards along the roads. One showing a person diving and it make the driver think of all the waters wasted when others could only wish to play with water like such. The idling vehicle allows this person to be in the moments and bask in what the Creator is offering mother earth. He/she gives thanks to the Metis grandmothers. All whom have taught about respect and love for water, land, language, and song. Remembering that the healing plants will be replenished and can be used to heal our people when and where it is needed.

    Tweet – I enjoy the rain so this brings me comfort. Rainstorms, thunderbirds, lightning…. soothes my soul. I know it probably sounds wierd but I could just sit in my vehicle on a late stormy night and just watch the darks skies as lightning strikes across it and the thunderbirds roar. I love love love it!!!

    Title – The Grandmother’s Song of the Thunderbird.
    The reason I choose this title is because the writer mentions both grandmothers and thunderbeings, which to me are thunderbirds. There is songs for the thunderbird and most times when there is thunder there is rain. Rain brings life and this is kind of what the peom is about.

    My definition of – Shattered…
    It means to be broken, busted up, in many pieces.

    My definition of renew is to be reborn in a sense, to start over, make a fresh start.


  76. jordylittlepoplar says:

    reading5-one word-comparision-one sentence-seems that a metis women going to town
    This person or persons are either touring the city orgoing on a trip into the city. These people are venturing and basically observing the surroundings around them,they are noticing most things around them and have compared the sights and sounds.
    stream of conciuosness-
    It seems that these individuals are getting the most out of their trip and therefore getting all they can, so it seeems that they are enjoying themselves.The cultural barriers are evident. The city is busy so this probably in the day time, because their are other people all around. Also it must be near a waterway or river because the mention of water nearby, or it is raining, because their is a mention on the streets. Obviously they are on a motor vehicle.
    tweet-this seems to be a uniuquie experience they are going through.
    Title- The life and times of a metis person
    The reason is that these people are basicall..

    my definition of shattered is that something broken.

    my definition of renew is to try again.

    Jordy LP

  77. jonathan says:

    1 Word- water
    1 Sentece- how water gives life to everything
    1 Paragraph-water is so precious for any life on earth. and it is a shame that most of us take it for granted. people in third world countries know this all to well. if our governments would take the time to address this problem maybe we would all live in a better world.
    Stream of conscieceness- life giving, hard to hold, everlasting, refreshing, thirsty, strong, greatful, perfect, storm, strong, powerful, dangerous, fluid, brave, calm, peaceful, alive, cold, warm, hot, solid, wet, blue, green, stream, water fall, rapid, soothing, rough, deep, shallow, clear, dirty, rushing,
    Tweet- water makes life and can also take life. therefor water is very powerful, all depends how you look at it. some of us take it for granted and some dont. but we should take care of it.
    Title- Everlasting life- i gave it this name because it is true no matter how you percieve water it still gives life no matter what.
    My definition of- Shattered- broken but fixable
    My definition of- Renew- having to replace something that is old

  78. normanpotts says:

    One word-driving

    One sentence- A person driving through the city early in the morning

    One Paragraph- A person telling a story,thinking while driving early in the morning, thinking about why he has it so good in life when others are living terrible, starving, thirsty, lives.

    Stream of conciousness-
    Reminds me of my self when im driving long distances on highways or in the city i think the same way, about life, about people that i see driving by, i stare into expensive homes windows hoping to catch a glimse of how other people live, i sometimes think how my life would be if i finished school when i had the chance and if i would be the one living in those huge houses right now seeing myself standing looking back at me wondering where i would be right now if i didnt finish school, would i be one of those people starring into my window wishing they were me? would i be the one driving the old car that just drove by? but no i am not so i keep driving thinking that my life is great the way it is, and that i dont need to be standing in that mansion to be happy with all that i have right now. life is great no matter how you live.

    i love this story, it reminds me of myself, i do the same all time, i think about random things but all are importnat and without that we are just boring people.

    Driving in my car
    Meaning? its what i would call it since i do the same when i drive through the city or town. im constantly thinking

    My definition of-
    shattered? i think it means the shattered history of this metis person.

    My definition of-
    Renew? my working definition is living the life after a changed (shattered) history.

    Signed by Norman Leslie Potts

  79. deannazfnbiz says:

    Reading # 5 One Word-Life

    One Sentence-Water is the giver of life.

    One Paragraph-A global view as to the importance of water & mother nature. The writing indicates on may levels the beauty of ilfe in our world, and also the negative side of other countiries. (The Metis grandmothers show us how to renew the shattered world!!) very positive aspect.

    Stream of Conciousness-My first initial impression of the reading is, Spring. The calm before a storm, also how water brings new life to all life on a global scale. As a visual learner I can visualize all of the things that are mentioned in the reading. The diver in the sea, the millions of people starving in Africa, a butterfly flying out of it’s cocoon. The beauty of “renew the shattered world” through the eyes of the Metis grandmothers is awesome. A very nice end to to this writing. The elders of our First Nations past are our teachers, they have & always will teach their children & grandchildren the importance of Mother Earth. And to always respect her, nurture her offerings & appreciate water. Rivers, lakes, the oceans, all would not exist in our world without water.

    Tweet-Water, our giver of life, we humans, animals, nature in general would simply cease to exist without it. A commodity of daily lives that is taken advantage of. In most cases unappreciated

    Title-APPRECIATE HER-I would call this writing, because it is all based aorund Mother Earth! And how water truly is our giver of life. To appreciate Mothe Earth is to appreciate water.

    My Definition Of-SHATTERED-Is broken, destroyed, but definately fixable. An object can be shattered, like a glass cup, a life can be shattered because of an unfortunate tragedy. These things may at times can be fixed, like a life can be healed with resilience. An object can be replaced, or in another case put back together. Shattered can be a negative aspect in ones life but on a positive level, not permanent. Shattered can be fixed, or renewed.

    My Definition of RENEW-To renew is to give new life, to be reborn. A plant can be brought back to life if it is cared for, nurtured & given water. This will renew the plants life & new leaves will sprout, because it has been renewed.

    Brought to you by: Mayor Deanna Cutknife-Samson Cree Nation, Hobbema, Alberta. Change It Up Entrepeneur Training Program. President & CEO-All Nations Camp Services

  80. leslieyellowbird says:

    one word- dark
    one sentence-very dark and slow with shallow love
    one paragraph-a longing to heal and understand why the world is as it is ,being told in dark and ominous way. ‘through its bone hands that have nothing to hold onto’ is like the cold grip of death
    losing hold of the world.
    stream of consciousnesses-It gives me a dark feeling when i read the top portion of this poem , were death and darkness are the same . the roads and and the stone reveal the moon tell me that life has it dark times ,but to stay strong and see the beauty the night and dark has to offer if you still ourselves.and towards the end it say they teach us the healing plants,and how to renew a shattered world which could refer to yourself and or spirit, or a more practical way to see it would be to change the world around YOU!
    tweet-a very dark and intense reading with that glimmer of hope that life always call for in times of sadness, it reminds me of that old saying ” it’s always darkest before the dawn” .
    title-the dark chill before the dawn is what i would call this piece of work , because that’s how i read and see the story in my mind’s eye.
    my definition of-shattered: broken , smashed , unfix-able
    my definition of -Renew :the rebuild and make whole again,to change it up lol

    Leslie Yellowbird

  81. angieroan says:

    reading #5
    one word – movement

    one sentence – the imbalance of the world, one side there is technology and abundance the other drought, famine and death.

    one paragraph – to me this writing is talking about how our world is so perfectly imbalanced. How some are prone to excess while others never live to know tomorrow. it tells me that we are in a world that is rich with resources that we take for granted, water for instance. we never really appreciate the gift of life giving water. we think its goin to be there forever, but is it really? how careless we are, how foolish…to believe that we are poor.

    stream of conciousness – this piece says to me, that life is always humming, the electricity is always flowing. we are being of power and we have the ability to ease all the pains of the world. but no one looks behind the screen, no one sees the hurt and pain around the corner, the bum on the side of the road, the kids crying in a broken home, the starvation of a third world…the humming is too loud for anyone to hear the sounds…we are a technology based planet that only sees what the internet shows…people get famous by showing there lives on the monitor, meanwhile there are millions and millions of lives snuffed out each day. becase no one looks behind the curtain, no one wants to be the barer of bad news…you catch a glimpse of them on infomertials now and then but its only for split second, our awareness only lasts 2 mins…while we take our bathrrom breaks or run for a quick snack…we need to heal the world, there are enough of us that we can heal it….who is going to take the first step ? who is gonna move the curtain and say “look!” our ancestors tried to teach us that we need to see the whole world, but the tv teaches what gets ratings…they dont show the world as a whole only bits and peices that last a half hr..with funny lines and quick comebacks.. the rich get richer and the poor, well…you know! money can only buy you so much…what would the world be if we all just took care of one another? what would that say to the universe? i think if everyone took their heads out of their asses ( sorry for my lingo) maybe we could all become what was intended, human beings!! those words mean alot, we are born with this spirit that is pure, and

    tweet – i think that this writing has put me in a different frame of mind…it makes me want to take the world by the collar and say ” snap out of it!” but thats just me…

    title – the hum of the world, the reason i chose that is because we are all beings of power and electricity, and when u are still and quiet you can hear the whole world

    my definition of – shattered; to explode, break into a million pieces, destroyed

    my definition of – renew; to make fresh, to rebuild, to breathe new life into

    signed, Angie Roan

  82. slee06 says:

    reading #5
    one word-transformation

    one sentence-i feel hope there is hope for humanity yet

    one paragraph-we are caught in the middle, of our teachings and our love and respect for Mother Earth. we all live in modern homes, excess is the name of the game, who has bigger and better, who has more? our teachings, our language, our love and respect for Mother Earth, we are forced to live the white man’s way, we want to keep our beliefs and our way of life alive, we must walk between two worlds, it is said our new warriors are students of education because that’s how food is put on the table nowadays.

    stream of consciousness-i want to remain whole as a neheyaw iskwew. i want to learn to balance these two worlds in which i must live, i want our teachings to always be with us, thriving and alive and well in each in every one of us. people think we are slow, but how fast would they be if they had to learn to be in two worlds? our way is natural to us, their way is foreign. they shamed our people to believe that we are inferior and that our way is wrong, thanks to the residential schools and the catholic church, I DON’T KNOW MY OWN LANGUAGE!!! the u.s is defining the word indigenous as living and speaking the way of the people, they are saying, we are not indiginous because we don’t live our old way of life, practice our culture and speak our own language. well they DID THAT TO US. the “indian problem”. whatta crock of shit. why aren’t our lawyers, our native lawyers fighting for us?? they just go along with what the new laws say, they don’t try and fight against their ignorance. my Dad says “native lawyers are the most brainwashed indians” and i wholeheartedly believe him. it’s sickening that no one stands up for us to say
    tweet-IDLE NO MORE!! help us to overcome, help us to fight against the Man who wants us to stay down, who wants to get rid of us by taking our treaty rights!!

    title-Awakening- My Dad went to a conference and a man there said,”the native people are a sleeping giant” well, we have awaken 🙂

    my definition of-shattered-emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually annihilated

    my definition of-renew-having hope, never giving up,smudging 🙂

    Warrior Woman,

    Suzanne Lee

  83. murielsimon says:

    Reading 5
    One Word-Life
    One Sentence-The Life around us.
    One Paragragh-The sound of life that surround us,sounds that are forgotten.Life and its presence that we often dont listen too.Everyday has something new to give us,we need to hiold our hands out and except this gift from the Creator.
    Stream of Consciousness-When the things around us are over looked and forgotten.Stop to listen and look at the birds the trees and the grass,everyday has something new to offer us,forget about the traffic that will hold you up later in the day.Pull your car over and open the window to hear life outside your car,the breeze and how it almost sounds like music.Just when you think your having a bad day close your eyes and take yourself to the top of a hill and while you sit under a tree feel the grass beneith your fingers.Listen to the gentle breeze as it combs the tree with its presence.Not that you are at ease open your eyes.This is a way of Meditation,that will help you through the day.
    Tweet-Forgetting about the congestion of the roads,citys and towns.The life beyond all of that is much more appealing to the mind,Jus take this as a way of Meditation.
    Title-Peacefullness beyond the Road.I thought of this name because it has alot of things that are happening besides the traffic,the busses and the Pedestrians.The fullness of Mother nature in her everyday Glory.
    My Definition of-Shattered-Something that is Broken and unfixable.
    My Definition of-Renew-To rejuvinate it,give it back its life in full force.
    Signing Off Muriel (Mawy) Simon

  84. clintroansr says:

    Reading number five

    one word – journey

    one sentence –
    i sit and in my heart feel the hum of the engine the metis grandmothers around me who love the waters, the land who love language and song and how they teach us the healing plants how something they will show us how to renew the shattered world

    one paragragh –
    to me it speaks of ones self jouney and how they see it from theres eyes, like there driven and they see it only from a car so there not seeing all but only from a window while the bigger picture is all around them..

    stream of conciousness –
    how i interperted this story was how a person can close themselves of from the wourld that there to busy to take in whats around them, that they feel safe from only lookin at things in there comfort zone, so they cant really experiance what life is really about, they only see a fraction of what others talk about or see. they close them selves off so much that by the time they see what its about they by passed all the gifts the creator has offered them gave them, so in returned they miss out on life on a journey that they set on. even when things or oppertunity knock on there windor or door as in the case of the story that they dont get to experiance its true beauty. most of all they dont get the sence of what was told of them by people or elders before them sum of lifes most precause gilfs of life. that there to focused on only what they want to or that there destacted with the path they set there minds on…..

    tweet –
    i thought the aurther made good pionts on maken me think that this was a piece on wat we really miss out on when we take things to seriously when we only focus on one thing and dont get to enhjoy life and all its gifts around us…

    title -remember why we set out on our goals in the first place so we dont miss the big picture

    my definition of – shattered
    to me it means from sumthing of whole to many peices, but it coul;d have we have many more meaning like from something strong to broken to unrepairable or even to be like a shattered dreams or to crush…. but thats just me ….

    my definition of – renew
    to restore or rebuild or to make greater stronger or even whole again or even restore…

    Clinton Roan SR

  85. janellec96 says:

    Reading 5

    One word- Simplicity

    One sentance- Enjoying what mother nature has to offer.

    One paragraph- This person is riding in a vehicle and just taking note to their surroundings. They are enjoying the moment, the scenery. Events that are going on should not even matter to what reality is.

    Stream of counciousness- I like this poem because it speaks the truth. We are so caught up in our own lives that we forget to stop to smell the flowers. This planet is the only place we have to live so why are we treating her so poorly. Some people are thinking about themselves too much and not thinking about others. We do have world hunger, we do have wars, and so much more. What are we doing to stop this? Nothing, because we are always trying to get ahead of the person beside us. We forget that the old ways are sometimes the best ways. Not all the time but better in some. We need to find a happy medium. How do we take in what mother nature has to offer? How do we slow down? I love being outdoors, it is so calm and sereane. If I wanted to raise my children somewhere, it would be the country. I grew up in the country and miss it. I grew up with horses and i was out there with them everyday. I jumped on the haybails when my dad brought them. We need to be thankful and considerate for what we have.

    Tweet- I enjoyed this piece because it speaks the truth. We take this planet for granted and we should be thankful for what it has to offer.

    Title- Sunday Driving, I chose this because i hear that Sunday drivers are slow. When I drive slow I take my time and enjoy the surroundings. When it says that they are overdressed I think that they came from church maybe?

    My definition of- Shattered, to be broken

    My definition of- Renew, to make what is old and make it new again. Whats old is new again.


    Janelle Crier

  86. normanpotts says:

    Reading # 5

    One word-driving

    One sentence- A person driving through the city early in the morning

    One Paragraph- A person telling a story,thinking while driving early in the morning, thinking about why he has it so good in life when others are living terrible, starving, thirsty, lives.

    Stream of conciousness-
    Reminds me of my self when im driving long distances on highways or in the city i think the same way, about life, about people that i see driving by, i stare into expensive homes windows hoping to catch a glimse of how other people live, i sometimes think how my life would be if i finished school when i had the chance and if i would be the one living in those huge houses right now seeing myself standing looking back at me wondering where i would be right now if i didnt finish school, would i be one of those people starring into my window wishing they were me? would i be the one driving the old car that just drove by? but no i am not so i keep driving thinking that my life is great the way it is, and that i dont need to be standing in that mansion to be happy with all that i have right now. life is great no matter how you live.

    i love this story, it reminds me of myself, i do the same all time, i think about random things but all are importnat and without that we are just boring people.

    Driving in my car
    Meaning? its what i would call it since i do the same when i drive through the city or town. im constantly thinking

    My definition of-
    shattered? i think it means the shattered history of this metis person.

    My definition of-
    Renew? my working definition is living the life after a changed (shattered) history.

    Signed by Norman Leslie Potts

  87. tamarasaddleback says:

    Reading 5
    one word- water
    One sentence- mother earth is in need of help
    One Paragraph- we are soon gonna be without water. we need to help in now before its to late.
    Stream of Consiousness- to me this is finding new hope for mother earth the land and the bodies of water. we need to keep it clean and drinkable for our future of our children with out water no one will survive. i know the elder see it coming they have been fighting for it for years. soon there will be no healthy drink water or water for the land to grow. without those will we nothing.
    Tweet- everything and everyone is affected by the change. without water there’s no point for anything to live.
    Title- living – everything has a purpose and everything is living.
    My denfiniton- Shattered- broken needs to heal.
    My denfinition – Renew- comes back to life healed helped not broken.

  88. Reading #5
    One Word/ Renewal____
    One Sentence/ There is hope in a time of silence, it never goes away, just gets louder____
    One Paragraph/ Us Native worry about al the people around the world who starve, we worry about the clean water left to drink. Moniyaw is taking away our right to live. When the grass doesn’t grow, the sun doesn’t shine and the rivers don’t flow, then the white man will realise you cannot eat money____
    Stream Of Consciousness/ there is hope, but there is also death to come first before Renewal. Those who do not know the land and don’t know how to live off the land will most likely not make it when Mother Earth renews herself. First there will start to be flooding, then you’ll know and understand she is upset and angry and how us beings have been treating her, the white man salvaging her goods for their selfish needs for their fukcing money. you cannot eat money!!!! i hate that Mother Earth gives us whatever she has, a generous Mother and people take advantage of it! just like how people take advantage of you when your generous and kind and you receive NOTHING in return! i hate hearing about the water being polluted, i hate hearing about the giant garbage ring by Soth America, i hate seeing pictures of animals dead from plastic or eating garbage! what have we become! why doesn’t anyone give a fuck we are not only killing our home but ourselves? why do we let the white man win? its the damn money! it is no longer trade for trade, its fork it over and then ill think about giving you something, i hate THE SYSTEM because a lot of people have no lives after high school, once you’re a bum on the street no one helps you, if you’re suicidal, rarely anyone helps u, if u NEED love and hugs no one helps u! you gotta do everything on your own! the society is fucked up! if you’re gay everyone hates you for how you were born! honestly the ‘NEW WORLD’ disgusts me. how everyone watches tv for entertainment watching people get hurt is funny nowadays! Retarded____
    Tweet/ You should #GiveAFuck about your home #MotherEarth Your ONLY home.
    Title/ Treaties Of Humans….I name it this because no matter what way we try to word it and be stubborn and/ or ignorant we are all brothers and sisters here on this Earth because it is all our home, if Mother Earth dies, we die no matter what we try to do to survive and it angers me so many people don’t care about Her. As a First Nations Cree woman, being a woman you gotta understand we are generous, we help and need help of others sometimes and when no one helps a woman where has society gone? Natives are caretakers of The Earth, LET US DO OUR JOB!____
    My Definition Of/ Shattered. 1. Destroyed from blunt force, sometimes fixable, sometimes not. 2. Scarred and never the same again. 3. Emotionally ‘destroyed’ and in grief as well as shock____
    My Definition Of/ Renew 1. Beginning again from the start; fresh. 2. A time for everything to be wiped out to become new again; new beginning 3. A refreshment from old to new again; new start____

    Concerned But Love,

  89. reinabest26 says:

    Reading #5
    one word-morning

    one sentence-on a spring morning is what i think its about

    one paragraph-i think this peom is exsplaining a spring morning.with dew and silence.or maybe a spring morning where the writer is driving to work,but stops to enjoy the morning scenery and sounds,where it rained the night before

    stream of consciencesness-this writer is writeing about his or her drive to work in the rain on a spring morning,i think she is somewhere like british columbia on the mountain side somewhere.she stops in the rain and sits and waits,and while waiting she hears and sees all the spring come to life before her eyes,she remembers what was said to her as a child from elders or her grandmother,and realizes the world is shattered…….

    tweet-nature and everything on earth is energy,respect the earth and use mother earths gifts wisely.

    title-mother earths gifts to us

    my definition of – shattered -my definition of reading this peace is that,everything that has been placed or that has grown or that exsists here on earth is here for a reason,and can all be used to us humans as survival tools,however sad but true,we as people have taken advantage of these things,rather than destroy out of selfishness,we need to perserve our earth

    my definition of-Renew-my definition of renew is when someone or someone can be fixed or preserved ,ex.if you cut down a tree.2 trees shall be planted to replace 1

  90. ashtonxtwins says:

    my deffinition of- renew, to make it as if new again

  91. ashtonxtwins says:

    reading #5
    one word- life
    one sentance-we all live one one planet yet we are so diffrent
    one paragraph-i feel that is talking about howwe as people take everything for granted when there are people across the work that would do anything to have what we have
    stream of conciousessness-i feel that we as people need to not step back but to apreciate what we have and stop taking life for granted,
    my deffinition of -shattered,broken or destroyed

  92. tamarasaddleback says:

    reading 5

  93. normanpotts says:

    my definition of power- strength, and power

  94. Reading #4
    One Word/ Interesting____
    One Sentence/ I really like this poem ,it is my most favorite one because it is another teaching and I love to learn____
    One Paragraph/ This story reminds me of my own family, whom I don’t speak with. They taught me things without even speaking with me. I learned not to hate, to accept people the way they are and not hold judges because people make mistakes. I learned that your past will always stay in the past and you should learn from it and that not everything is your fault, things happen for a reason. I have learned some of these important lessons from my family because they do the exact opposite, they talk about you behind your back for no apparent reason. So this poem makes me realise that I must forgive my family as well as accept them and that they’re in my life for a reason, but they should smarten up for their kids____
    Stream Of Consciousness/ this poem makes me feel calm and understanding of the world around me. I am not a parent though I know I will be one day, I had a dream I had a son The Creator gave me one night. Although I somewhat know what it feels like to have children and care for them, love them and sometimes discipline them. I pretty much raised my two little brothers and taught them how to love, to give them attention when they needed it. Now I cannot live without my brother because they shaped me as a person, to not be angry quickly, to have patience. That having a sister and/ or brother relationship is until death, until the next life. I miss my brothers everyday, i miss them so much it makes me want to cry… I have an Eagle Feather given to me from an award i once received, it was for being a young leader in this Hobbema community and I do want to be one, since no one else is stepping up. For a long time I left my Eagle Feather in the wooden box I received it in so to keep it protected, but i finally hung it up. It seems to flutter sometimes, from being blown or something but there is no air or draft, which mystifies me, just like this poem____
    Tweet/ Children are gifts from the Creator. #LoveYour Life____
    Title/ The Creators Gifts….. I chose to name it this because this poem is pretty much about children and Eagle Feathers come from Eagles who are said to be our Ancestors manifested____
    My definition of Heal/ 1. Tobecome balenced, happy and joyous again. 2. To be able to be balenced in the medicine wheel. 3. To be from sickness to health, sadness to happiness, pain to relief and grief to understanding____

    Darkprincess Rattlesnake<3

  95. jordylittlepoplar says:

    reading#41-word-realityone sentence-this sentence tells alot about our people one paragraph=this poem refers to us as to how we should treat our children our grandchildren and basically people as a whole. So in that sense we can appciate lie in general.having said that we should never anything for granted. We can alwaya adapt to the way we think and do things.Wealso be open minded in everything we do. We must also never forget why we are here. -stream of conciousness-The rest of this reading show us that we controlled from our ancestors in that we can always keep in contact with them in our daily prayers. We should always never forget about children,and grandchildren because they are lent to us, wesould always show them our gratitude. Not only that we can show our respect for other living creatures in this world.We must also show our respect forplants Tweet – This peice of lliterature that we are not alone in this unverse, so maybe we learn more about ourselves and life as a whole. title- hotel california. AKOSI PITAMAW.-My definition- how to heal do not take life for granted.feel comfortable about life . Tahpwe,nechi.

  96. murielsimon says:

    Reading 4-One Word-Caring
    One Sentence-The loving and caring of a Gift that has been giving to us.
    One Paragragh-Something very meaningfull can be anything that is giving to a person.If it is a Blanket or a Picture we take good care of what is giving to us,cherish it.When you are invited to a cerimony you are giving that honour to be present and share the greatness of each other who are present.
    Stream of Consciousness-The people who are loving and caring can be spotted very easily,they are the ones asking How are you? Or Good to see you.Its because of these words these loving and caring people are noticed.When Im approached by someone and they ask me this it gives me warmth.To take care of something that was handed to you or giving to you should be cherished and everytime you look at that gift it warms your heart.Jus like a Mother seeing her daughter get married she feels she has lost her daughter,but she hasnt the daughter has moved on to be like her mother and give the love her mother has shared with her.
    Tweet-Gifts are a special thing no matter what it is.Maybe its your children or you Elderly Mother,the love is a revolving door.Giving and receiving is really important.
    Title-Gifts Among Us- I gave this reading this name because it talks about treating something that has been giving to you with alot of love and compassion.
    My Definition of Heal-My defintion is anything can be Healing.

  97. janellec96 says:

    Reading 4

    One word- Respect

    One sentence- We were chosen

    One paragraph- How a person treats their eagle feathers is how they treat their children. Our children chose us not the other way around. It is the same with the stories, they chose us and it is how are we going to treat those stories. How can we learn from our children and from our stories.

    Stream of conciousness- It is true, how you treat your children is how they will treat others. They are the minature version of ourselves. How we speak to them is how they will speak to others. There is no such thing as a bad kids, just bad parents. Some of our kids are disrespectful because of their parents. Their parents are like that to them because that was how they were treated when they were children themselves. They were treated like this in the residential schools. How do we break the cycle? How do we begin the healing? Our children are our greatest teachers because the child speaks the truth. They are the honest beings in our world. Our children are our future. If we raise them with respect then they will respect others. As a mother, I will do anything to protect my child from harm but at the same time they need to learn to walk on their own. We teach them the basic skills and knowledge on how to get through life and we hope that they can make the most of it. It is the same with the stories, it is our responsibility to care for our stories. How they are being told and treated.

    Tweet- How you treat your eagle feathers is how you treat your children and your stories. Our children are us and they are the teachers.

    Title- My Eagle Feathers, I chose this because the first part of the story is talking about how you treat your eagle feathers is how you treat your children. So “My Eagle Feathers” is my children.

    My definition of- Heal, the ability to let old wounds recover, to let the pain go.

  98. chermontour says:

    Reading #4 –
    One Word – Eagle

    One Sentence – The Eagle feather has great significance in how we parent our children.

    One Paragraph – The Eagle feather tells us a story on how we should be treating our children as parents. We should love them, honor them, cherish them. We need to treat them with respect, show them off with pride, and remember they are gifts. They choose us and we need to remembe that. We must also teach this to our children so they will know when it is there time to be parents.

    Stream of consciousness – I reallly like this poem because of the great significance it uses. The Eagle is a very majestic, strong, beautiful bird. Feathers of many shapes and sizes. These feathers make the Eagle who it is. They protect this amazing bird. Our children are a very good analogy of the feather. We must always take care of our children. Throughout their lives we must protect them from all harms that come their way. We must teach them right from wrong. It is common sense how we as parents should be raising our children in a good light. They follow by example, we must be good leaders so they too will be stong like the Eagle. Our children are not all the same but we must treat them all the same, Equal. It is true that its not a lecture when you are told to do something. It is a teaching, there is a lesson as to why you are being told. So many times people get offended but if we all listened I’m sure life would be so much more simple. Our stories are told using many of our animal such as the bear, wolf, buffalo, etc. I’m glad that the peot chose the eagle to use as her foundation of the story. To remind us that children are always important.

    Tweet – I loved this piece of writing!! It was a great reminder on parenting. Sometimes we tend to forget that we can’t mistreat our children, or neglect them. Share this story is what I am told….

    Title – My precious little eagle feathers
    The reason I choose this title is because the poem is using the feathers as an analogy for our children. Children are precious.

    My Definition of – Heal? It means to overcome the trauma that you have experienced in your life. Letting go of hurts, pains, the negative, injuries and remembering how to live in a healthy way.

  99. leslieyellowbird says:

    one word-EH
    one sentence-care for and treat your culture as you would your own children
    one paragraph-Children are our greatest gifts in life ,just like feathers are a great gift from our creator.To hold tight our love and compassion for our culture and beliefs, like how we love and care for our children and community
    stream of conscienceness-loving and knowing our beliefs and culture is the same as loving your family and children we teach our children as much as they teach us and they remind us of teachings we forget.they mirror our lives as much as we mirror there’s to reflect our teaching outwards and inwards . our spirits become as one beating heart, our lives become storys to be passed from one generation to the next to share and learn and continue this great story so it lives in them .in a way you yourself are a pen and our childrens mind is the paper to which we write are knowledge , so they to can do the same with their children. as how we share and hand down our culture and teachings in the community, we do the same with our own families on how to treat others and yourself and to take that knowledge and make their own.keeping knowledge to yourself helps no one to grow or learn .in fact you hold yourself back as well if you cannot share what been handed down to you.
    tweet-I found this story to be about treating and loving your culture as much as you would your family and kids.keep your kids in mind of everything you do.
    title-children holding Eagle feathers…is the name i would give this, why? because it is our children that will hold onto and keep our culture and teachings and our love for life
    my defination of- heal:is to let go of whats hurting or bothering you so you can move forward unhinder and understanding

  100. jonathan says:

    1 Word- Gifts
    1 Sentence- children are not ours but only loan to us.
    1 Paragraph- God only loans children to us. they are not given but only loan to us so that we as parents show god that we are worthy. he takes them away from us when we do not do a good enough job for him. I know this alll to well as i lost one of my own when she was young. looking back on my life i did not do my job well enough.
    Stream of conscinceness- hurt, unforgiven, failer, not fullfilled, empty, sad, chance, punished, greatful, happy, worship, lively, enjoy, life, spring, eventful, thanks, endure, wish, truthful, endearment, resentment, cloudy, retreat, sunny, warmth, knowing, stupid, lost, comprimise, lonely, dept, joyous,
    Tweet- we are given an opportunity to raise children as best as we can. they are loans from god and they are not really ours. we all learn from our mistakes.
    Title- Gods gifts- this is my title because it is how it made me feel.
    My definition of -Heal- the ability to fix yourself from a problem in your life

  101. tamarasaddleback says:

    reading 4
    one word- protecting
    one sentence- protecting our Children throught life’s teaching and healings.
    One Paragraph- Eagle Fathers are a girft and so or our Children. the guide us, teach us and protects us back. there in my heart and my soul.they are my ancestors.(i beleive my chilren have old souls)
    Stream of Conseiosness- teaching and learing is what i get from my own children they tell me what the need and whats it in their hearts, you never know what love is telll you have had your own children. the stories from the elders are often about our futures( children) and what the past did to us and why we are here they speak great words of knowledge and teachings. but it’s our children who will remine scared to us just like the eagle fathers.as long as their safe, protected feed and loved. the light of prayer.
    Tweet- the Children choose their parent, its not the other way. the eagle feathers are a gift from our ancestors to remind us that they are just like our children. they spirit lives on with both the feather and child. and teach us the meaning of life after life all the struggles and hardship we go through. but in the end all we had to do is look in the childrens eyes and remember why we are here.
    title – teachings- both feathers and chilren teach you in life about the power and the spirit that come from one another.
    My Definition – Heal – pray, talk , sing… find what makes you happy and go with it helping your self and not losing who you are. the ceremonies of our elders with there light and guidence.

  102. clintroansr says:

    reading number four –

    one word – respect

    one sentance –
    you can tell alot about a person by how they treat their eagle feathers when they helping others said a gifted algonquin warrior women some treat their eagle feathers rough, hit hard withthem shake them till they’re tattered and ruined that door shut tight against the helpers on the other side

    one paragragh –
    i beleive much the same way as this aurther, that yeah you can tell a great deal about an individual and there eagle feathers by the way they look and the way they treat their egle feathers because when one respects sumthing they care about a great deal the gift that they have in front of them, that the resone they have that gift in the first place is to teach them as well as to show others that u r a caring person that you have a heart that can appriceate all gifts and respect what is given to you….

    stream of concisousness –
    all our lives we are told respect what you have, cherish it, love it, never forget what you have in front of you or if you dont, you may never get it back. so i beleive the moral of this story is always respect what you have remember you have it for a reason and it’s to teach you whats missing in your life , that everything comes to you not by your choice but the choice of the creator and his big picture he has for you, so you take care of things, respect things treat thing with the most greatest care and respect of what is given to you and only the rewards from him will be greater than you can ever amagine so treat things the way you would want you or your things to be treated….

    tweet – i think this was a great peice cause i tyhink and hope it makes people concisous of all the gifts they are and all the gifts the creator gave them in all forms of life….

    title -acnolege all gifts in every form the creator has blessed us with
    and the reason why i would call it that is cause we take everything for granted where we start to abuse it or dissresect it till its not what it was put there to begin in the first place…

    my defenition of heal –
    would to be make sumthing whole again to its original state , to make better, or to make sumthing better than it was…

  103. deannazfnbiz says:

    Reading # 4-One Word-GRATEFUL

    One Sentence-A thought I have never considered, my babies are my eagle feathers.

    One Paragraph-An adaptation that not even an elder has told me. This is a beautiful writing! And very true, our children & grandchildren are our eagle feathers. And they don’t pick us as parents. In my case, single parent. Our children are our greatest teachers in life. So true.

    Stream of Consciousness-WOW!! last summer my son found on the ground, a beaded eagle feather. He walked into the house & said, ‘mom’ ‘check this out’!! I was so surprised & a feeling of ta-tum-hin (gratefulness) came over me. Because that itself was a very significant sign that my son has been chosen. For what? I don’t know yet, but this was not the first indication for me. Other things have happened prior to his awesome discovery. Even today he smudges with pride with his eagle feather. I (hesitantely) allowed him to take it to school for show & tell. Point being the eagle feather found him.
    This is a very beautiful writing. It really reaches out to the ‘kokum’ in me! (grandmother). Being raised CREE I have been taught many things, by my mother grandmothers & auntys. This writing takes me back to alot of the teachings I recieved as a little girl & growing up. The staements in the writing are so eloquent with the main topics, children & eagle feather. And of course the dierection the writing takes the reader. TEACHINGS!! By our children, by our history & by the great spirits on the other side.

    Tweet-Our Children are our greatest teachers in life……this means the world to me. My children are my world, and whta’s so beautiful abouit that is one of them gave me a grandson. And that little boy, I could see in his eyes that I am the world to him.

    TITLE-Eagle Feathers are Gifts

    My Definition of-HEAL- To heal is to live, and live is to learn, and to learn is to forgive. One can forgive but not forget. In order to heal a broken heart, one has to heal from the inside out. Tears of joy, pain and forgiveness must flow together, thus the healing begins. And so does life.
    And physical healing is all mind over matter!!

    Signed, Deanna Cutknife Hai Hai!!

  104. slee06 says:

    reading #4
    one word-cherish
    one sentence-we are meant to cherish our children and learn from them.
    one paragraph-children need to be looked at as our greatest teachers, they deserve much higher regard than they are given. people that figure this out are advancing more than those that are not.
    stream of consciousness-actions speak louder than words. how you treat everything around you is a reflection on yourself. woman warrior is knowledge. Mother, daughter, aunt, nohkom, there is much to be learned from a woman’s perspective. Mother Earth, think in terms of being her, how She cares for us all. Protection, guidance, love, care, kindness, disipline, unconditional love. we are all capable of these things, how many people follow Her ways? the eagle, the eagle feathers are Her children, in a sense. take care in everything that you do, how you treat people, how you treath Mother Earth, and our precious children. and She will take care of you.
    tweet-i get an easy peaceful feeling reading this, the feel is quite gentle, and loving. i wish to live in a world where this advice is taken to heart.
    title-Warrior Woman- it’s like Mother Earth is giving precious, sound advice, also outlining harsh consequences if the words are disregarded, just like a Mother.
    my definition of-heal-mint green, smudge,self-acceptance, self-love, self-respect, then extend this to my brother and sister with caring and kindness, because we all have the same pain to heal.

  105. reinabest26 says:

    one word-patience

    one sentence-feathers are danety and breakable,so are children

    one paragraph-eagle feathers are sacred,they come from the greater being whom flies high above the clouds and looks down on us…our keepers in human and animal form…when we are given a eagle feather,there is always a reason as to why

    stream of consciousness-one of the key things in life is to understand and practice …patience…it is a virtue…it is a leading pathway to understanding,if we had no patience,we would not be able to ,hear,or listen,because that takes patience….we wouldn’t be able to be parents ,because kids don’t come with manuals,with no patience we could not have a successful fair marriage,because we have no patience for that person, their ideas,or what they have to offer or say,without patience we would all be a dying breed.no matter what we do in life we are always WAITING….waiting for a car to warm up,waiting for the time to strike rite…so we can be off to the next destination,waiting for a phone call,or even while sleeping,waiting for a dream,or waiting for the alarm to set the next day……..without patience this world would be a million times worse than it already is,patience in my life was learned through my late grandmother Alice Northwest….patience in my life was taught through sitting still at ceremonies,story telling,and beading,i am a good parent because i have the understanding that patience is a survival tool,and my survival tool has got me to where i am today….I AM A GOOD PARENT AND A PERSON OF PEACE AND LOVE AND PATIENCE
    tweet-without patience our life means nothing,without no meaning to life,what on earth are we here for,without patience we wouldn’t have the patience to find out …what we are here for or what our purpose is
    title-patience is a virtue-because patience is taught to us through EVERYTHING AROUND US,without patience we are stupid, unfounded,empty,we need patience to do everything

    my definition-my definition of HEAL…is,if we can better understand things on a patience level,we can better learn how to heal….through patience
    Reina Northwest

  106. angieroan says:

    reading #4
    one word – respect
    one sentence – this piece says to me, respect our children, care for and love our children.
    one paragraph – what i think the writer is trying to say is that, our children are the ones that teach us, like the eagle…the grace and power that they stand for is the same as a baby’s. the strength that they have holds the secrets of the universe. They need to be nutured and cared for in order for us to learn what lessons they have to offer. They have to be treated with love and tenderness or its lost inside them.
    stream of conciuosness – this piece made me think of how you can tell alotabout how people treat their own children, when you are a first time parent, you are over protective of your off spring, you cherish every little thing that your baby does, from walking to talking, eating, sleeping, evening “pooping” everything is an experience in itself. great joy comes from every moment. the more children you have the less exciting all of these things are, youve been through it before, however for each new life there are new experiences…new things to learn. i have three sons and one daughter and each one was different, they all did the same cute baby things but each opf them had their own distinctive character, learned different things at different times. i enjoyed them each so much.little tiny human beings they are so funny, like little birds crying for food. wanting all your attention, i made it a point to treat my childrens birthdays as their own special day, every year i go all out to make them feel special on that day, because to me it was a special day. give them things to remember for when they became parents, so that they could tell wonderous stories of their childhood. my childhood wasnt very happy, so i wanted to make theirs full of good memories. i take great pride in my children and now my grandchildren, i hope that they teach my grandchildren the things that i tried to teach them, give them good memories i tried to give my kids, to take care of themselves and their children…after all they are my legacy, and what kind of legacy would it be if it wasnt a happy one, filled with good experiences.
    tweet- i thought that this was a good story, lesson, poem. it made me smile and think of my kids!
    title – reflections of you
    my definition of – heal, to make better a wound that once bled, to replace with a scar that reminds you of the strength you had to overcome.

  107. chermontour says:

    signed Cher Montour

    • normanpotts says:

      Reading #4

      One word-Teaching

      One sentence-the teachings of the eagle feather and what it means

      One paragraph-this shows the teachings of eagle fethers and how didfferently they treat there feathers.

      Stream of conciousness- I think this story is great for teaching others about the featthers and that is how you treat your children, if you treat your feathers rough then you will treat your children rough, if you take good care of your feathers you will take good care of your children, and that children and grand children are gifts,and i think it should be taught to everyone, for the white people it could be not about the feather but something like how you treat your ferrari or even your horse, this would be great for many teachings on the reserve and off the reserve. i believe alot in the feather and its meaning and should be taught in an everyday envoronment from morning to night before you go to bed. i believe the feather means that your connected to the great spirit with that feather that you own, and with that your connected with the great spirit with all your children that you have.

      Tweet- Read this to your children, i recommend this everyone and to teach this everyday, maybe even print it out and add feathers to it, then frame it and hang it on your wall so that you can see it everyday, and others to read it when they come visit you and they will see it everytime they do see you.

      Title- Feather Children
      Meaning? the feathers are the children, you treat them the way you treat your children.

      my definition-Heal-
      means healing ourselves, healing others. and teaching others how to heal.

      Signed- The Computer Guy

  108. jordylittlepoplar says:

    reading#3 1 word -one way -one sentence-on a one way trip-one paragraph-this peice of reading reveals that we are inthis world whether welike it or not.so we can or not accept the fact that we adapt or just go with the flow.signed Jordy lp.stearm of consciousnes- this reading signify the fact that we are always being judges in all aspecpts of life. We as idivuals can relate towhat is being said. So we do not have to accept everything we read we make up our own decisionn. Also the every changing world can do with whatever how they perceive this peice peom .Also the world in general can ( society) willalways have their own interpretaion in which every way they like. The illustrater can use what theytweet.I think that this peice of knowledge is very iteresting.AKOSI.and God bless everyone.Title -Changes.-My defintion-Power- My definition of power is that(control over other people ,places, things ) signed, Jordy lp

  109. clintroansr says:

    reading number three –

    one word -forword

    one sentance –
    so many babies are born that way, with a fear of their own whiteness, along the edge of the milky way, surrounded by the northern lights at dawn

    one paragragh –
    this is a sory of someone saying its ok to move forword, that our people are being born scared to of being thought of lookin like and acting like the white people that took all of our being here on earth.

    a stream of consiocness –
    i took this story as sumone was saying in tellers and telling stories or maken them selves extinct because of there mantality way of thinkin that its not gonna get better that its always gonna be this way that we’re always gonna be supressed thats why babies are born with this resentment of wanting to adapt to todays sasyity that if they do they will become what we fought against for many many years, and that was being just like the white man and all his selfesh ways . but now we gotta lo at it as thou we have to much to do and catch up so that we can co-exsist in todays world if we want to continue to excist that we as a younger generation need to bring us all on the same page so that we can bring our past to the future not to supress us but to make us stronger…..

    tweet –
    i found enlightenment at the end of this practice cause it made me think of what i need to look at so that i can move on for the betterment of my family and my people…

    title – Taken My past and rebuilding my tregnths, my culture my ways to make todays warrior

    my definition – of power
    my definition of power is ones self being of knowing who there are what they can do, to make sumthing better or stronger than what they seem to appear to be that everyone else may seem to look at as ugly or weak or maybe even worthless……

  110. tamarasaddleback says:

    reading 3
    one word- unsure
    one sentence- the people are unsure of what the know.
    one paragraph- the people are unsure about the teaching and the lesson they where taught, thier are 2nd guess them selfs. about there teaching and learning new ways.
    stream of consciosness- i do belive this story has a meaning of truth behide it, the elders want the old way to be the same as it always is, but in todays world with all different experiments that scientists are wanting to know, Who, What and Why….the elders think they’re running themselfs into extinction, into the ground. they want are children to be a peace and not worried about what the whiteness will do to them or if they will take there spirits. they want us to keep our faith, our cultural, our voices and pride. the med. wheel has a meaning and a purpose with the four differrernt colours they are symbolic… as to always be truth to your heart.
    tweet- the surrounding are still much the same today as the where yesterday. your people still have much to learn about our culture and our people’s way of life. but the whitness ill call it has a different take on what need to be done for everyone not just the Native people.
    title- Voices…the voices need to be heard and you need to understand your surroundings.and your believes.compassionate.
    my definition- power- its strong and yet

  111. Reading #3
    One Word/ generations____
    One Sentence/ We The Youth, lost our launguage, but we are still here and some want to learn, like me, so the only thing we can do is just speak from our Heart.
    One Paragraph/ This poem confuses me but the more I read, the more I understand. Every sentence seems to say what I am thinking, yet the words I don’t want to say. I feel emotionally drained. I heard The Elders say “The words you say cannot be unsaid so watch what you say” and I live by this, because words ruined my life and reputation, without me talking. I don’t let anything bring me down though and I stay proud, but what am I to be proud of, I ask myself sometimes. I wish I knew the Native way, grew up that way, but I have to go on this journey alone because I don’t understand and no one gives me a chance to learn who I am____
    Stream Of Consciousness/ There seems to be no hope. I do feel hopeless sometimes for our people and I’m not going to lie, I feel like everyone is against me. Everyday I try but I wonder, what is he point of trying? The Elders tell prophecies, but what are The Youth to do? There is a disconnection, a barrier which seems to hold strong, but us Youth want to be strong, for the sake of our people, the sake of Our Peoples future. My head hurts and my shoulders seem to carry a heavy emotional load. There is so much I want to say, yet I feel that I cannot. I want to go to a sweat, I need to go because it is like I am losing Faith and hope, losing the future. Kisemanito Help me, help us all, we want to be strong. . . I take a deep breath and I am trying to say what I’m thinking, but the same question pops in my head, “What is The Point?”____
    Tweet/ This poem and reading left me hopeless&emotionally drained. Had to #Smudge
    Title/ Prophecy…… I name it this because it’s sort of negative and that’s how it makes me feel and reminds me of Elders prophecy____
    My definition of/ Power 1. To have control over people, things, plans and ideas. 2. To be a leader. 3. Bigotry and abuse of the helpless

    Sincerly Not,

  112. deannazfnbiz says:

    Reading # 3 One Word-HISTORY

    One Sentence-First Nations History from the heart.

    One Paragraph-The only words that count are those ones spoken from the heart. Aptly written, but explains it all basically from that sentence alone.

    Stream of Consciosness-I’m spent! I kinda have a n idea now as to the direction of these 3 readings are going. This History of our people, First Nations in Canada and the US and probably world wide, have tecnically, thhroughout history. Pardon my french, but have been shit on by the white man. I could go on, & on & on about our attempted assimilation! The Genocide thast the government will not step up to and admit; that is exactly what they were trying to do. All I know now is that I will forever and always teach my children my CREE HISTORY & LANGUAGE….Because it is ours, and because it is theirs……My now two year old grandson understands CREE….only because of ME!!…Hai Hai! Ta-tum-hin!! (Thank you, I am grateful)

    Tweet-This particular writing is complex but very intricately spoken. It so rocks being Cree!! First Nations! I am the proudest of proud!!

    TITLE: From The Heart

    MY DEFINITION OF-How do I define POWER?- Power is an attribute, that only few people posess. Some obtain it right from birth, and some gradually over their lives absorb it through the trials & tribulations of ones life. Ex; The Cree are a POWERFUL Nation…or as a CREE woman of POWER, I will succeed in my business.

    Signed, Mayor Deanna Cutknife

  113. leslieyellowbird says:

    one word-us
    one sentence-knowing ourselves and understanding what they feel they know of us
    one paragraph-that knowing and learning to let go of the past is how we can move forward as a nation .that speaking from a trurthful heart can set you at ease to do so ,and move forward to a better future.they say the bigger the brain the smarter ,that is until it came to light that the inuit had the biggest brains, now the feel otherwise!
    stream of consciencousness-our culture tells us we have wisdom and are born with wisdom that are teachings are ingrained in are DNA , and to nevermind what white soceity says or thinks of our wisdom and teachings.they’re breeding themselves into extinction seems to me that what they thought they had ahold of is slipping from there fingers,and that we as cree people are just starting to grasp our future frim in hand. To heal and grow at the same time and adapt to changes while holding on frimly to our culture into a bright and successful future for all our people and culture, this is our land and home and we must feel comfortable to say this is ours and move forward, to always move forward to our greater goal.
    tweet-to me this short story tells that our culture and people are wise,reguardless of what the whites say about us and think of us. that we are strong and will grow stronger
    title-Us and Them, is what i would call this peice of work as it disscusses us and them
    my defination of – Power: the ability to Choose what i feel is right , the ability to do what is needed .

  114. murielsimon says:

    Reading 3-Ancesters
    One Sentence-The Teachings and Past on Knowledge of the Culture.
    One Paragraph-The Importance of keeping our Culture alive,so we will always have a strong way of bringing up our children and Grandchildren.And many Generations after,So when i or you think about it we should be teaching this way of life to whom ever needs to be reminded that we can not loose what belongs to us.
    Stream of Conciousness-There is a thought about what needs to be done so that we dont loose the teachings.And start listening to our Elders.Because they are making a really good point about not loosing what belongs to us and we should not loose it for ever.There is so many distractions that play a good part of why we dont follow the teachings and practises.A lesson is always there to be learned,and heard.My thoughts when there is a death there is a baby born rite after that death so we will always continue to strive and be a strong Nation and race.Alot of first Nations are very Cultural.
    Tweet-A Strong Nation will always Strive,So the younger Generations will have Something to learn and teach the Generation after them.
    Title-Generations-I have called it this because of things that are brought up in this Reading.
    My Definition-Power-The thing that comes to mind is that of a Elder and all the knowledge that was handed down to him.
    Signing off Mrs Muriel (Mawy) Simon.

  115. jonathan says:

    Reading #3
    1 Word- culture
    1 Sentece- the loss of a native culture in a white society.
    1 Paragraph- our young are losing our culture because no one is telling them of our traditions. and another is they are breeding with other races in the world. slowly pushing out the line of true blood that flows through their vains. is it our fault or theirs?
    Stream of conscieneness- loss of culture, everything taken for granted, breeding with other races, no future, lack of respect, unreasonable, hatred, lies, emotional, history gone, no return, unforgiven, unfaithful, no remorse, no real intentions, no direction, lost,
    Tweet- this is what happens when our children start breeding with other races. breeding ourselves into extinction like the author says. who is to blame us? our parents? our grandparents?
    Title- Forever lost- I call it this because once we lose our culture we will never get it back
    My definition of Power-having the ability to control or give life to something or someone

  116. reinabest26 says:

    reading #3
    one word-teachings
    stream of concioussness–northern lights,and teachings
    one paragraph-i think this piece is about how the elders whom are still here ,remember and remind us of the things they have endured ,seen,been through,and have over come…they speak to us and teach us through stories,and with the owl,we see as bad luck or a warning sign..i believe this because it has always happened this way,also the northern lights,yes they are our ancestors dancing in the sky,that is why we have always been told not to be outside after dark,when our loved ones cross over,they feel they need that company and alot of the time,they chose whom to take with them,we are also told not to cry when they go,but that here on earth is considered HELL,and that the place we go from here when our bodies are left behind ,is a place of calmness and happiness and NO PAIN,therefore we need to celebrate thier lives and time we had with them here,and be happy they are no longer here suffering.this world is cruel and calus and i truly believe that when i go to the other side,ill be lifted from the northern lights and they will guide me to be with my family and friends whom have already started their after lifes there.meanwhile….while we are here we have work and worry ,we have to make the best of what we have,and always be mindful that we are only here for a real short time and that everyone goes when it is thier time…so dont waste any time being negative to one another ,but spread your wings and grasp and hold onto your meaning to life in which perspective you best understand and love yourself,family,children,your neighbor and yes even your enemies,and always speak your truth and from the heart .
    tweet-life sucks,people suck,the only person who can change our train of thoughts is us,accceptance and forgiveness is key
    title-the other side
    my definition-of power,to me means that power can concuer anything,but in the end you loose either way,now if were talking about the power whithin us,then we simply are untouchable

  117. chermontour says:

    Reading #3 –
    One Word – Stories
    One Sentence – This is about history being taught and passed down.
    One Paragraph – Stories are being told through song. Elders are telling them that if they do not learn the Culture, it will become extinct. We are a strong people. We have overcome many adversities. The mainstream ways are not always the right way, as they may think it is. It is our traditions that will heal us and lead the way. The medicine wheel helps us to see the balance we need in life. Our future lies with our youth.
    Stream of Consciousness – sharing stories, sitting around the drum, crickets singing along in the background. Not exactly sure what the poet means with the breeding themselves out of extinction. I know of the stories about the owl coming to tell you back news usually when there is a passing. I can relate that to the owls bring the spirit home. Babies being born being afraid……maybe because the traditions that once use to follow a birth do not really happen anymore. We will continue to IDLE NO MORE… nothing is going to drag us down. Obviously scientists do not have all the answers. Our ancestors will continue to heal us… tapwe…. We are all equal!!
    Tweet – not sure what to write about this tweet. I’m a little confused on the whole poem. Its kind of all over.
    Title – Sacred Songs
    The reason I choose this title is because many of our traditions and ways have a song to go with it. Stories are told through songs.
    My definition of – Power? Power is the force that drives you to be who you are, to do what you do. Every body has their own power. Power of choice, power of knowledge and how to use it, and power of authority (to name a few).

  118. janellec96 says:

    Reading 3

    One word-History

    One sentence- It is about story telling or about the history and how it is being said.

    One paragraph- This poem talks about the story tellers. How there is so much of our history is to be learned. We need to learn these stories before they are lost to us.

    Stream of conciousness- This story tells about the story tellers and how they tell their stories. I love listening to the story tellers because the way everything is is for a reason. When it says the babies fear of being born into whiteness, to me that means that they are born without knowing their aboriginal background. That they are not given the opportunity to hear these beautiful stories. I was told that it takes fourteen days to listen to the story about the milky way. I would love to hear that story but I am not ready yet. My dad has told me some as well and I love them. I will be telling those stories to my kids when they are ready. I cannot imagine what is inside a story tellers head, all the knowledge that they were given. They are the teachers and we are the students who should be learning from them. They teach us about the history and explain it to us in story. The way they speak comes from the heart.

    Tweet-This piece talks about the story tellers and how they tell their stories. They are teaching us about why things are the way they are.

    Title- The Lost Art of the Storytellers, i chose that title because it talks about how ones words are spoken from the heart and they are breeding themselves into extinction. They carry so much knowledge and are dying with that knowledge.

    My definition of- Power, the ability to have something and being able to use it.

  119. angieroan says:

    reading #3
    one word – confusing
    one sentence – i think that this piece is about story tellers, and the words that makes sense to people.
    one paragraph – this piece is saying to me, that it is about inter-breeding, or the halfs. Half-breeds, metis, creamers its all the same. The white people take native, aboriginal or indigenous women and men as spouses, and begin to breed out the color, the culture and a new one is created, one that has a very short past. A past with no solidity, because it borrows what it sees fit. from either side.
    Stream of Conciousness – well this piece to me seems like it was written by a half-breed, harsh word maybe, but thats the way i see it…they belong neither here nor there, so in reality they have no where to go, no history that goes back. they are a people of mixed culture, so what do they believe? what prayers do they pray? and to who for that matter? my grandfather talked about them to my mother, she told me stories of how only a few years ago they were made fun of and tormented for being of two worlds…as well as in australia, the aboriginals from there call their half-breeds “creamers”, to me i feel like they really dont belong anywhere but together, i was taught that you have to be whole, of one culture, or one race…but uis that really viable nowadays? every where you look there are half-breeds, black and white, black and chinese, white and everything, native and black…i think its inevitable, almost everyone on the face of the earth is a half-breed of some kind. when you look beneatht the skin we are all the same color, and we come from the same molecules…it doesnt matter where your family comes from, we are all the same…and we all breathe the same air, from the begining of the earth we have been breathing the same air over and over….for hundreds and thousands of years…sometimes i dont know where my thoughts go?
    tweet – this piece had me looking at both sides of my heart…one the side of my ancestors beliefs and the other, the side of my currents beliefs
    title – one story, two versions.
    my definition of – Power, to be solid, strong, have control over, freedom to do

  120. ashtonxtwins says:

    reading #3
    one word-life
    one swentance-we are all one people
    one paragraph-we may all be diffrent but we all blead nf love the same. we maybe diffrent but we are all equal.
    stream of concesness-to me this make me think of our leaders of tomorrow nd how it uis up to us as parent to raise our kids as decent people so that one day our future leaders will be albe to change our way of like nd make us all equal as we should have been nd should always be,,(peace on earth):)
    tweet- if you wanna change your prospective on life read this short story
    title- changes of tomorrow
    deffination_power, to me means in order for some one to be great they need to look inside them selfs for the power to be great lol jk idk

  121. normanpotts says:

    Reading # 3- whiteman
    one sentence- i think it talks about the white man and there fears.
    one paragraph- the white man were insecure about themselves, they wanted to be superior to the native. they found out that there brains wer not the biggest. so they now beleive that since the inuit and and the whales had the bigger brains they used that to say that now the biggest brains are not the smartest but the dumbest
    stream of conciousness- the white men thought that they wer suprior to the natives and they wer always using scientists they found out that there brains wer not the biggest. so they now believe that since the inuit and and the whales had the bigger brains they used that to say that now the biggest brains are not the smartest but the dumbest. i believe that all people are the same and our blood is the same color, red is the color for all living humans and animals on planet earth, we are all no different from eachother just the way we are raised and taught, and what they believe in sticks with them.
    Tweet- i think this means that its just a story about how one person thinks, and i have no idea really to tell youy the truth that i do not understand this peom, maybe after be explained a liitle better to me i will begin to understand a little better.
    Title-the spirits, i dont really have a title for this one, like i said with understanding it more i will better write about this story

    signed; mr. Norman L. Potts

  122. slee06 says:

    reading #2
    one word-survive
    one sentence-we will overcome
    one paragraph-our past affects our future choices. it’s important to see things clearly, in order to
    make choices that are most effective for us.
    stream of consciousness-hurt,pain,oppression,trail of tears,trails of blood,lost,conversion,she reads english,residential school,more pain,no parents,no guidance,no love,ignored,hated,racist bastards,not good enough,acceptance of one’s self against all odds,therapy,self-love,self-respect,show kindness to one’s self,care for oneself,overcome,forgive?maybe in time,but never forget.intergenerational.violence.sexual abuse,drug addiction,self-hate,shame.trying to understand where it all comes from.see the light.we are of God,God loves us.Mother Earth loves us,pray to her,she feels our pain intensely,she wants to heal us.Accept healing,stop fighting it,so used to the pain,so used to what we know,change is unknown,change is neccessary,to love oneself,to respect oneself, to care for oneself,to forgive oneself,to be proud of who we are.God is a part of me therefore I am God.
    tweet-i don’t expect non-natives to ever understand where we come from, why we are the way we are. you have to be a part of it, a part of us,to truly understand
    title-finding the God thru trails of blood-this is my title because we have so much to heal in ourselves before we can truly see the God in us
    my definition of-CREE-Neyheyaw

    WordPress.com / Gravatar.com credentials can be used.

    • slee06 says:

      reading #3
      one word-confusion
      one sentence-we are all spirits having a human experience
      one paragraph-the young and the elderly are the ones that know the truths.confusion abounds as we age the ages in between. The more we presume to know, the less we really do know.Until you’re an elder,we all presume too much, we must come full circle.
      stream of consciousness-story-telling is an essential part of our culture;oral history is our way.everone is too consumed with day-to-day life, we forget that we are all spirits having a human experience, this is why the youth are smart, and the elderly. the youth are still fresh from the other side, and the elderly are coming close to being there again, they aren’t as consumed as i am, as everyone else in between.
      tweet-people who think they know it all, really don’t know anything. People choose to believe what they want to in order to make sense of their lives, it’s what we have to do for our own survival
      title-the inuit and the whales-i chose this title because it signifies what people don’t want to see, as opposed to what is.
      my definition of-POWER-self-understanding, resilience, perseverence

  123. murielsimon says:

    Signing of: Mrs Muriel Faith Simon

  124. murielsimon says:

    Definition of the word Cree-A Strong and Proud People.

  125. murielsimon says:

    Reading 2-One word -lost
    One Sentence-The lose of so many people.
    One Paragragh-Why did this have to happen to the Taino People?Why does it have to remembered like this?
    Streaam of Concious-The Taino People are remembered in such a a bad way.The cree woman was so hurt of what she read and how they can just put it in a book.The millions of people that were slain and for what???????
    Tweet-I dont see why the pain is there?
    Title-The Pain and suffering of the Taino People.I have giving this title because of the Slaining.

  126. janellec96 says:

    reading 2
    one word-warrior
    one sentence-A cree woman was crying over the history of the native people
    one paragraph- A gifted cree warrior woman was crying over an atlas. Columbus’s “new world” where millions of natives, warriors, women, children where they left their blood. Their red mark was left behing from the white man who soaked through to a future.

    A gifted cree warrior woman was crying because she thinks about the people that lost their lives for the world that we live in today. The atlas shows the lakes and the rivers but it does not show where blood was shed, where their bones lay. They white man has soaked through to a future from Columbus’s “new world”. Eight million to twenty-eight thousand had the blood of the Taino people. The bones of millions of natives, slaves, warriors, women, and children left behind. Many people do not know what really happened with our history. Many choose not to believe it or are not educated about it. Why are they in denyle? Why do they not know about it? Our people are left with a scar that cannot be hidden. Some people think that we should just forgive and forget. Easier said than done. Some people think that we should just suck it up and quit asking for handouts. Our people are traumatized for what has happened in our history. We need to educate each other in order for us to move on.

    Tweet-This piece was written so gently about our history and yet so truthful. She sees the atlas of the rivers and lakes but not the blood or bones of the Taino people.

    Title- Red Atlas, this was the first thing that came to my head. She talks about the atlas about the lakes and rivers where the native people has spilt their blood. Her eyes were bleeding onto the book. The millions of natives where their red drops were left behind. That is why I called it “Red Atlas”.

    My definition of Cree- A nation of aboriginals in western canada. First nations people living on the prairies.

  127. tamarasaddleback says:

    Reading 2
    one word- crazy
    one sentence- it is crazy how the Cree people have been and still are treated.
    one paragraph- the journey of our people are warrior’s, reading what columbus has done and for what? Land.
    stream of consciousness- eight million to twenty-eight thousand in twenty years, WOW!!! Blood and bones?? REALLY, i dont understand. why would they need slaves? why would they have to hurt to much people? no one should never have to lose thier land or sacriface the religon base on what Columbus wrote and thought he found. and then to treat our people the Cree people so unfair…thats beyond the talk and beyond the milkly way.
    tweet- the little girl in the story probably has nightmare’s due to the fact she was being taught such a horrible lesson about her people.the blood thats drips from her eyes with fear.
    title- BEYOND why cause the is such a wide range to talk about but it’s still beyond the truth.
    my definition- Cree- our people “who we are!!!!” as Native people the grassroot of the land.

  128. chermontour says:

    One Word – Fear
    One Sentence – This reading makes me think of Residential School.
    One Paragraph – The reason that I think of residential school is because of all the millions of First Nations children that were taken away. They were force to learn the White Man’s ways, a foreign language, and religion. The tears refer to stories of how the children would cry and get in trouble. The bones signifying the many children that died at these schools. This poem makes me sad.
    Stream of Consciousness – I believe that it was the imaginations of the children that took them away from this hell that they were experiencing at the time. I wish that the white man knew what he was really doing to our people when this was all happening. I like to think that what if the roles were turned? I bet the world would be a more humbled place. All the people that were subject to this would be respectable, honorable, and all our other values that First Nations have. Yet we are the ones whom are judged. WHY????!!!! It hurts me to think of the fear that our ancestors and grandparents and even our parents went thru. I see it in my grandparents eyes from time to time. I hear their stories and it literally breaks me up inside. But they use humor to lighten the mood when their memories get to intense. The First Nations were the ones who took Columbus in and fed him and housed him and treated him good. Yet we are labelled Savages!! This poem really gets me… MAD!!! HURT! blah, blah, blah, blah, blah….. I could say so much more but its only burning me up inside so I won’t.
    Tweet – I hate that it was MILLIONS of our people that were subject to the Residential Schools. The Ripple Effect can only last for so long. It is up to us to stop allowing ourselves to be victims and rise above.
    Title – Tears of a People. The reason I would give it this title is because our people are still crying because of what was done in the Residential Schools. The ripple effect is still going and until that stops then maybe the tears will stop. Or lessen.
    What is your definition of “Cree”? My definition on Cree is a way of life, a language, an honour. Cree is in my blood. It is who I am and who I strive to be. Our language may have been almost lost but Cree Peoples are strong and we will be who we once were Again.

  129. jonathan says:

    reading #2
    1 Word- columbus
    1 Sentence- the assimilation of the natives in north america.
    1 Paragraph- this is what happened to the natives after columbus had discovered north america. it was either through war or disease that we lost so many. we had lost millions to this fact. we were a thriving country before all of this came to be.
    Stream of conscienness- anger, humilation, war, pity, assimilation, boarding school, white society forced upon natives, lost culture, shackled, barbarian, fear, shame, lost identity, forever lost, crippled, standard, torture, murder, dirty, unpleasant, fear, haunt, scared, ruthless, savage, piercing, unfair, relentless, broken, stupid, unforgiven, midevil, tyrant, wicked, persistance,
    Tweet- this is what happened to us people when columbus found north america. maybe it was not his intention but some other people made it happened. all so that the europeans could find new treasures in our land.
    Title- Extinction of a people. I call it this because of what happened to our people after we let them take control of our lands. they tried so fiercely but we still prevailed to this day. and in this society they still try.
    My definition of Cree- a people of strong tradition that stood the face of time

    • Sharron Proulx-Turner says:

      What a powerful list of, not just words, but each word has its own meaning, and could be a whole piece of writing in itself. Thank you, for being a person with such a deep understanding of what has happened over the centuries. You call Cree people “a people of strong tradition that stood the face of time.” Such a perfect description, even giving time a “face,” rather than a clock. Time will face its own consequences. I am so happy that you are in the program you are in, and I am looking forward to being able to come and witness all of your business plans. It is getting late, and today was the first day I was able to come online and comment on your class’s responses. For whatever reason, the site kept telling me my computer was too old to get into the site. So perfect for me. My computer is very old, but not so old that I can’t figure out a thing or two! I hope to hear from you again.

  130. reinabest26 says:

    one word-residential schools
    one sentence-when christopher columbus invaded thier land
    one paragraph-i think this reading is talking about settlers and how they invaded our land and how they killed of people,and stuck them in residential schools,and ripped them from thier homes
    stream of consciencesness-this woman was ripped from her home and placed in a school and was told she had to learn white mans ways,which naturally she didnt understand,children were told they had to leave thier language and teachings out of the area in which they were being held,i have a real big issue with how these people decided that it was their job to change people,but yet harmed and killed our people if they didnt follow rules,i am sickened by the fact that even today we are all impacted a great deal with the things that happened to us hundreds of years ago,if i had it my way ,i would take all of those priests and people who figured they could change us,and burn them,because maybe then they would understand,but then again maybe they wouldnt,i dont know what else to say other than,people are naturally stupid,mean,calus,and every human sides with themselves and thinks only their opinion matters,the creator brings everything full circle,and one day all the decendents of these terrible ugly people will be washed away.until then we will all strive for balance,and will continue to stick together and take our land back,and even if it doesnt work out in our favor,we will try again,because we are strong people,and noone can break us.those are my thoughts,i may have read this wrong ,but this is what i see.
    tweet-everyone in this world is equal and therefor everyone should be treated as such,for those who think they can take over the world are sad people,i rest my case.and may the lord be with all distruptive distructive people.
    title-strange mean strangers
    my definition-cree people are strong willed and can never be taken to a place we dont belong

    • Sharron Proulx-Turner says:

      Thank you for these powerful, hopeful words. I was very honoured to be invited to your class, to spend the afternoon learning and hearing the words of all of you. For me, it was a very moving day, and a day I’ll never forget. In all my years as a writer, I have not had such an engaging discussion. I am so excited to see your businesses come about, and I hope to be invited to come to witness your successes and how you will change the way things are today into what your vision is for tomorrow!

  131. ashtonxtwins says:

    reading #2
    one word-deep
    one sentance-it remindes me of the storys of residential school.
    one paragraph- its like she/he is telling a story about how the europiens came to canda nd took ove the native land, and that years after that the younger generation will move rivers and cross the milky way to make thur rights equal
    streem of consciousness-its almost as if she for seen the idle no more movements lol js but thats what is sounds like, that acrosss the world they will make thur voice herd
    tweet- its a very intence short story i like the part where its talks about resistance
    title- the new new world
    my definition of- cree porud nd strong natives

    • Sharron Proulx-Turner says:

      I was so honoured to be invited to spend an afternoon with all of you, as you say, “Cree, proud and strong natives!” I am looking forward to our future, to the changes and new ideas our youth and all of you will bring to us. My afternoon with your class changed my life, and I will always hold those moments close to my heart. I hope to come back again, to witness your business ideas come into being!

  132. clintroansr says:

    reading number two
    one word – triggers

    one sentance –
    her eyes were bleeding onto the pages of an atlas at school, rearranging rivers

    one paragragh –
    as she cryed, she seen the red from the lands being taken, the lands that belong to her people that were taken with great blood shed of her people, thus triggering her tears of pain, her resentment towords the whiteman.

    stream of conciousness –
    It made me think of a women telling her story of when she was a little girl the trigger that made her think of why she cried when she was lookin at the world in a atlas, a world that was once of her people and when doing so it brought tears to her eyes which dripped onto the paper then made the colours run. It brought back stories of her people being slautered by the millions, including women, childeren and even babies thus maken her cries of sorrow turn to blood , thus maken resist the teachings the talks which extended beyound what anyone one person could not appolligize for nor make a mends of any kind her hurt extended took it till she was much older beyound her years there for telling her story till this day. S this made me think that this was her trigger of what once were great warriors nor a modern people with no land at all and this was the new world she had to endure and her hids and there kids that its not a wold of the white man…….

    tweet –
    wow one womens trigger can make a lot of resistance for many native people, if more people can get her story

    title –
    triggers of one warriors anguishing past to todays resentment

    my definition – cree
    my definition would probably be ounce a great human being now a modern people trying to recapture its lost pride, culture, self being which was once a part of mother earth and the creator.

    • Sharron Proulx-Turner says:

      I am so grateful that you took the time to read and respond to my work. Sometimes working alone in a small room, I can lose sight of the importance of telling our stories. It has not been easy for me to write over the years, and the afternoon I spent with your class reminded me, more than ever before in my writing career, how important it is that each of us is able, some way, somehow, to keep ourselves connected to one another and to share our experiences. I am humbled by all of you, by the effort that you take to bring forth your business ideas, to bring them into the world. I can’t wait! I hope to be invited again, to be able to witness your successes! Thank you so very much.

  133. Reading #1: One Word/ PAIN____
    One Sentence/The poem had lead to words of a thousand pains we all feel, but no one speaks, except on paper; sadness____
    One Paragraph/ I am trying not to cry as I read this, this is a Residential School. The Moniyaw had hurt our youth, hurt our babies who are now older then me, not really coming to terms with what they went through, none want to talk about what happened in there. Ironic how the Moniyaw put RED on the Atlas to determine which Natives are where, there also where the bones of the peoploe they slaughtered lay at rest; unrested. I am disturbed and unsettled because even though I have not lived through that horror, those who have survived are Warriors, yet my Nohkom cannot even say she loves me; never learned to love____
    Stream Of Consciousness/ Tears come to my eyes. I cannot fathom the pain our our Ancestors. I try to understand yet the elders tell me I shouldn’t, because The Pain is more then words, yet less, No one wants to talk about what happened, the meetings about Residential School leave a heavy tension in the air, hanging above like screams at night. There is my own pain, creeping to the top. A Moniyaw who hurt me, took away my healthy love for men, so now I am gay, but I somehow had always known this anyways. The pain I feel deep inside me which is always buried because I know what the Moniyaw did to people like me long ago. THEY KILLED US, us being gay was a sin, just like my Mom said when I first came out to her, I was going to go to Hell… The Moniyaw killed The Two-Spirited people and almost everyday I think about that, upon The Moniyaw arrival they found us disgusting, they saw us as devils, as SINNERS. So if they found out you were gay, they located you, took you, and Killed you for who you were, for how you were BORN to be. So we were hid from the Moniyaw, protected because we are Gifted, we are Healers, and Nannies to Ophans, Medicine Women and Men. Today, It still is hard to come out because now it’s not only the Moniyaw who thinks we are disgusting and Sinners, but now my OWN PEOPLE. You’ll never understand though I wish you could, because you are not GAY, but I choose to say TWO-SPIRITED. This poem reminds me of the pain I will never get over because of what they did to us Native peoples in the DEAD Past, because today the discrimination LIVES in the Present. I will not be ashamed of who I am, I am proud to be Lesbian/Two-Spirited.
    Tweet/ #Two-Spirited/Lesbian And PROUD. This writing lead me to realise who I am and I’m tired of hiding who I am and how I was born. I send hugs to Residential school survivors, you are all Warriors.
    Title/ Very Few Survivors…….. I named it this because it reminds of the residential school and how there would have been so much more Native peoples, but we…were slaughtered…. because we weren’t what the Moniyaw wanted us to be. I feel the pain of the aftershock generations later, because it is the same reason why my family cannot love me or even say the words “I Love You”, it was taken away, almost like my dignity and Language, but not my STRENGTH.
    My definition of Cree/ 1. First Nations people who survived History’s Worst Genocide The World doesn’t know about. 2. Natives who set up and attend ceremonies and who know The Land, live off the Land, and Respect the land. 3. Rightful owners of Canada along with other types of Natives. 3. Native, NOT AN INDIAN, Indians are from INDIA.

    • Sharron Proulx-Turner says:

      Thank you for this reply. Wow! I could never express my gratitude. I hope you continue to write, to express yourself in ways that reach many. The afternoon I spent with your class changed my life, gave me new hope and made me appreciate that no matter what our hopes may be, we are all working toward the same place of change and growth. I hope to be invited once again, to be able to visit your businesses and to witness the incredible things that come from your group!

  134. jordylittlepoplar says:

    reading 2
    one word-explore
    one sentence-these people were shocked at this information
    one paragraph they were wondering as to what they were expecting. they realized that this was an old concept.stream of consciosness this reading more orless pertain to th thought that these people were at a road with a fork and they were trying to see and where this peice of information was leading to. further more the subjects were contemplating as to what all this information was leadingto. also the ideas was confusing the participants were at a standstill. with this new peice of written new ideology . i am just wodering what all this exercise was leading to. we as a nation should dig into ojr roots to get a basic understanding as to what got us here inthe first place. we as people in general should ask ourselves what we are doing aat this point and time. The next time we get a new concept ,tweet-it is very unique it is i amm babbling as to the reason why, also were are we going?title-where am I?My definition of cree-is nehiyaw first peoples of turtle island, and we were here first to begin with and so on……………etc.

    • Sharron Proulx-Turner says:

      I too often wonder as to the reason why and where we are going? This is why I’m so grateful that all of you have decided to share your ideas and values with one another, to begin new projects and exciting businesses for the future. Thank you so much for reading, for taking the chance and doing something so completely different. Dr. Cornett is an interesting man. I had no idea what to expect, and I’m so happy to say that the afternoon I spent with your class was a very special day for me, one that will stay with me for the rest of my life!

  135. leslieyellowbird says:

    one word-barbaric
    one sentence-history is written in blood
    one paragraph-For Columbus it was a new world that was inhabited by FREE people,so he told others and the others insalved and tortured and killed the FREE. To create a new world you must get rid of the old , the old being the FREE.
    stream of conscienousness- The outrage they must of felt that the new world he thought he found a new world to claim for his King and Queen was already inhabited by Free and noble people.So they thought if the wipe us out then this land would be thiers to take,but they underestimated our numbers, they could not wipe us all out . So they insalved and tortured and killed as many as they could .But we are strong and did not go softly and to that cold night we fought to see the day and still fight to this day.
    tweet-When she looked at the pages of the atlas and saw the land of her people ,she felt the pain and suffering of her people so fiercly that she weeep tears of blood knowing they were killed for the land
    title-Blood on the Land
    Defination-Cree:fearless noble free people who keep the land and the land keeps them, humble, wise, caring , strong, and hardworking .

    • Sharron Proulx-Turner says:

      I am humbled by your beautiful words. I can’t express enough just how much I was moved that day we spent together, sharing our thoughts and words. Your class was by far the most incredible time I’ve had as a writer in my entire career. Hobbema, watch out world! I look forward to working with all of you more. Please stay in touch. I am looking forward to coming and being there when your businesses take off!

  136. deannazfnbiz says:

    One Sentence-The assimilation of First Nations people by the colonization of the white man.

    One Paragraph-When Columbus first set foot on our vast land hundreds of years ago. It became quite clear that his intentions were not good. Although this reading is based in the USA, the Canadian history basically tells the same story. Of genocide, assimilation & the ultimately the degredation of First Nations people worldwide. We may have fallen, but we have over time risen with great power & defiance. A Defiance to succeed and grasp our future, and educate our next generations to come.

    Stream of Concsciousness-This reading kinda pisses me off. Our people for hundreeds of years suffered atrocities at the hands of the white man. All I can say is what goes around comes around. Except now in todays society we will fight back with EDUCATION!!! That is our bow’n arrow!! They took our land, our culture our language (almost) But you can’t take away an Education!!
    The reading is complex in many ways. It indicates a book to me sounds like the bible. Than an indication of death by the millions, also blood. So therefore, this hasd a very indepth historical background. The Cree warrior woman sound slike my graqndmother, Sophie Nac’awasis & her mother & her mother before. To know the things they saw & experienced must have been horrific. There is also an indication of residential schooling in the reading, so this again takes me to place where my mother was when she was a child. The attempted assimilation of our people was indeed, genocide. I honestly believe that Brian Mulroney & Jean Chretien were the Hitlers of Canada in that time. But oh well, that’as just me.

    Tweet-There isn’t too much difference between the First Nations in Canada & the U.S. This writing is compelling on many levels. It be based on actual facts and events, the fact remains, First Nations people are exactly that. FIRST NATIONS, Aboriginal, call it what you will. The absolute ignorance of the crown the queen herself in the past & even today. Only strengthens my people, we have & always will rise, and succeed and always be the people we have always been. Strong proud and free, in my case, CREE.

    Title-VOICES OF THE PAST- Named because no one listened to those voices in the past. We are listening today, and our voices have united. Loud and clear, hear our song. Idle No More

    My Definition Of-Cree-POWERFUL

    • Sharron Proulx-Turner says:

      Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for your beautiful replies to my writing. These stories I tell, as you put it so well, are not my own, but they are the stories of all our people. There is new hope, with people like you, who are working towards a better way, with exiting plans and ideas that will change our future. I have never been so moved, so thoroughly, as I was that afternoon with your class. In my whole career as a writer, this was my most amazing experience. I can’t wait to return again, to be a part of the good work that you will all bring to your community in the near future!

  137. normanpotts says:

    One sentence- Columbus came to the Native land
    One paragraph-the cree warrior woman tellling a story about when she was in residential school, and talks about the arrival of christopher columbus
    Stream of conciousness- this story has to do with idle no more today. there is still a revolution going on today to fight for our rights, i have had the chance and proud of it to be in that idle no more, i went to one Edmonton Alberta and Red Deer alberta to support this cause.rough i know this story has to do with this woman that was in resedential school and all the stories from our elders about what they went through was terriable and i would not wish that on any person of any race. this tells of Columbus coming to our land killing the children woman and elders, and all the warrior men. and now today we still feel what our ancestors went through in some form or way,
    what i noticed is that today the white people surrounding us look down us all the time even though we practically built there town with all our oil money and still building it. also mentioning the pawnshops around us all make a killing off of us by letting us pawn our bead work and assets at such a low loan then when we lose the item they resell the items online or send them to one of there chain business’s and sell them for 1000’s of dollars across the seas.
    Tweet-this short story i think this said alot just with those few words, these words alone speak for themselves , anyone who knows about our past and how our mothers and fathers were beaten in school will understand this story.
    Title- WHY? the meaning of this title is that we still today ask why did you come to destroy us, why couldnt you come to be just friends?
    my definition- Cree is native, the first nation people to own this land before the whiteman came and took it away.

    Signed: Mr. Norman L. Potts

    • Sharron Proulx-Turner says:

      Ah, finally I am able to get through to this site. I believe I suffer (or my computer does) from some serious computer blues. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your beautiful responses to my writing. I have read through all of your responses and I am deeply moved and honoured to have been invited to your class. I’m sure you are doing much different work now! Please keep me informed, as I am very excited to return and visit each of your businesses after you complete your classes!

  138. angieroan says:

    reading #2
    one word – europeans
    one sentence – europeans coming to our land, and claiming it for themselves.
    one paragraph – this writing tells me that this woman is telling a story of the europeans coming to our land, the slaughter of many for the benefit of one. it talks about the residential schools and the pain that comes with that memory, for many. it also says to me that the circle is about to be reversed as the natives of our land are about to take back what was once lost…our land, our way of life and our future.
    stream of consciousness – this writing struck made me think of the europeans coming to our land and taking….taking our rightful land, they came here with their sicknesses , their goal to obliderate our people for their own selfish needs…they had no consideration of our ancestors, no compassion for our children, they came and seen us as animals in their way, they refused to see us as people and to this day we are still treated the same. we are forced to accept what the white man says, how he sees us and how we see ourselves. we are taught that we dont fit in and it gives us diabetes….this is a sickness that was never around in the days of our ancestors. we were never sick, over wieght, dependant on highs, we were a strong people who believed that these new people were here for a reason…we treated them good, fed them taught them how to live in our world, how tio survive and we were paid back through death, corruption, and slavery. we are to this day still slaves to the white man, we dress like him, talk like him, try to make ourselves like him, so that we can fit in to his land….his land….this is the thing that bioggl;es my mind…. how did such a strong people allow this to happen? are we that niave that we believe what we are taught after thousands of years of living the way we are used to? how could we lwet this happen, we lost our languages, we lost our way of living off nature. we lost our self respect…one day we will be wiped out….then what will happen to the earth? we are the care takers of the earth, it is up to us to heal the earth, what will happen if we no l;onger exsist? where will the planet bbe if the caretakers are gone? life is about balance and without us theres is no balance, we as a people need to stand up and be who we always have been…we need to unite and become what it is we are here for, great…i was just interupted, now im done….my thoughts have gone back in……so much for that…….
    tweet – this piece provoked alot of stuff inside me, things i knew were there i just had never wrote about them…good venting
    title – the tears of many…the reason i gave it this title was because i saw the attempted termination of a beautiful culture and way of life and the beginning of the church, residential schools and helplessness
    my definition of – Cree, my definition is, a human being…one who is in touch with the earth, the caretaker of the land…the closest to the Great Spirit – spiritually

    • Sharron Proulx-Turner says:

      I hope my reply gets through. I keep being told my computer is out of date. I want to thank you so very much for your beautiful response. I feel very blessed to have been invited to your class. It was by far the most exciting, engaging, stimulating afternoon of my life as a writer! I can’t thank all of you enough!

  139. deannazfnbiz says:

    Reading # 2 Genocide

  140. tamarasaddleback says:

    Reading 2

  141. leihacrier says:

    spiritual transformation

  142. leihacrier says:

    tweet-mother earth looking within to understand all the beauty that surrounds us

  143. leslieyellowbird says:

    Leslie Yellowbird

  144. deannazfnbiz says:

    Brought to you by: Mayor-Deanna First Nations Business Biz Cutknife

  145. ___Darkprincess Deathmetal<3

  146. ashtonxtwins says:

    have a good day thank you much, ashton twins

  147. normanpotts says:

    signing off by mr do little

  148. leihacrier says:

    My definition of ajinnagaayohn-The creator of all living

  149. leihacrier says:

    Stream of Consciousness- our world, one world, one being. The collected unity of mother earths creation. We live in this world looking at the earths beautiful blessings. our all encompassing truth lies in the ability to draw connection between the people who \have come and gone. the choice is one that allows one to understand that we are all connected. The world we live in, the isolation of people and all living beings needs to come forward to realize all of humanity is one people. the world and inner consciouness will collide. we will once again see each other as not separate identities but as one machine.

  150. Title/ Water Trip Was A Vision Of Life. I would name this poem this because most of the poem takes place on the water in observation of the nature and the profound meaning of it all around from the early morning horizon, to all day. It is like a vision, almost like a vague dream and reminds me of the Spirit World.

  151. leslieyellowbird says:

    why because as you read the story it seems to focus on water “lake” and as we know water is the bringer of life so the title would fit in

  152. clintroansr says:

    title – breaking beyound your limits

  153. chermontour says:

    Mother Nature’s Song
    because the whole thing has to do with a woman, songs, nature and its beauty.

  154. angieroan says:

    title – ajinjagaayohn, mother earth as shes ready to sleep

  155. murielsimon says:

    Title-Life and Beyond. I have giving this peice of writing this name because of everything that life has to offer and more.

  156. reinabest26 says:

    i have chose this as a title because it seems to have a sharp overview of winter turning to spring but from someones point of view,and that person is Mother Earth

  157. normanpotts says:

    Spring on Mother Earth, i think that everything in this story is about earth and everything changing in the spring and partly some of new life growing.

  158. ashtonxtwins says:

    title-spring, because the way it sounds to me when i read it sounds like the transformation from winter to spring nd all the beautiful changes that happen

  159. deannazfnbiz says:

    Title-Your Infinate Beauty, MOTHER EARTH

  160. leslieyellowbird says:

    Title-Giver of life

  161. reinabest26 says:

    title-i would title this poem…….Mother Earth At it’s Best

  162. chermontour says:

    Title –

  163. clintroansr says:

    title –

  164. normanpotts says:


  165. clintroansr says:

    everyone has to try this new story blog i think its very intresting so far, i beleive its can be very uplifting if you want some change or a different veiw in your life. im going through it right now and its intresting as hell, thus far im hoping it leads to sumthing good thats helps me addresss my business other wise this may have been a waste of my morning.

  166. murielsimon says:

    Tweet-When i read this peice of writing The first thing that came of popped in my head was the nature and all the livings things in life that we dont think about on a regular basis.Everything that is living and is in the cycle of life that has been giving to us,by the Giver of life,Mother nature.

  167. chermontour says:

    I don’t really know how to do the whole Tweet thing!!!

  168. leslieyellowbird says:

    Ajinjagaayohn is short peom/short story that seems to tell the reader about the changing seasons which brings life to all

  169. deannazfnbiz says:

    Tweet-In retrospect, this particular writing is upon first reading a bit confusing but than practically screams, Mother Earth. It has very interesting words placed in a poetic order. That puts the reader in a very visual perspective. Almost a global picture of all of the season, & through the eyes of all animals & people as well. Awesome!!

  170. normanpotts says:

    This a story about a woman called tobacco on the waters blue, she speaks a language of the ancient language i think this story tells about mother earth and what she is all about fro winter, spring, summer and fall, but i think this story mainly is about spring .

  171. angieroan says:

    i read this piece in class that made my mind wander in a totally different direction, i could feel the cold of winter, and i wasnt sure if that was the intention of the writer

  172. leihacrier says:

    One paragraph- We see mother Earth the giver of life through all eyes. We see the outer beauty but sometimes need to look within to be grateful. Our world has all beauties trees, water, air, birds all the creations of this beautiful world. Now is a time of protection of giving back of everything she has ever given us. this life this world is only a glimpse of what is really out there. the connection between inner and outer beauty is a reflection on our world.

  173. ashtonxtwins says:

    i feel that this short story is a gooder to read when you wanna boggle your mind lol

  174. Tweet/ #MysteriousWriting what’s the meaning of ajinjagaayohn? All I know is this poem speaks to me #NativePride!!!

  175. reinabest26 says:

    Ajinjagaayohn,is a short peom,about seasons changeing and the over look of mother nature.

  176. murielsimon says:


  177. leslieyellowbird says:


  178. normanpotts says:


  179. chermontour says:

    Tweet –

  180. clintroansr says:

    tweet –

  181. ashtonxtwins says:


  182. angieroan says:

    tweet –

  183. Ajinjagaayohn means: She’s a woman; giver of life. A mystic whose Soul and Spirit is bigger then her body.

  184. leihacrier says:

    One Sentence-mother earth looking within to recognize the inner most beauties of her soul

  185. chermontour says:

    ajinjagaayohn probably means Give of Life… Pretty sure that the definition is provided. I could be wrong, it could be her name. Although names usually start with a capital…

  186. clintroansr says:

    my definition of ajinjagaayohn – i beleive it means mother nature giver of life, the starter of everything here on earth.

  187. reinabest26 says:

    Mother Earth-ever changing seasons,and energy

  188. ashtonxtwins says:

    giver of life aka mother earth

  189. angieroan says:

    i believe it means, mother earth, the giver of life from the things written in the peice that s what i got from that word

  190. ashtonxtwins says:


  191. murielsimon says:

    My definition of Ajinjagaayohn is Mother Earth the giver of all life.

  192. deannazfnbiz says:

    My Definition Of-ajinjagaayohn-To me, is an Ojibway term for Mother Earth or a First Nations language for Mother Earth.

  193. leslieyellowbird says:

    the river

  194. ashtonxtwins says:

    my definition-

  195. normanpotts says:

    my definition of ajinjagaayohn is giver of life, Mother earth.

  196. leslieyellowbird says:

    Ajinjagaayohn: mother earth

  197. leihacrier says:

    one word-beautiful

  198. chermontour says:

    My definition of – ajinjagaayohn

  199. angieroan says:


  200. clintroansr says:

    my definition of –

  201. normanpotts says:

    my definition of-

  202. angieroan says:

    my definition of –

  203. leslieyellowbird says:

    my defination of-

  204. clintroansr says:

    a women spirit is releasing her inner self to letting go, so she sees beyoung her limits like a crack in the as sees from below the ice, hearing her inner voice singing like the birds till finaly reaching a start like a trail waiting for start on her path. now that she is released she can begin her journey as she reaches the sand as to make her mark in the sand with her foot steps like a child with many possibilties waiting for her to to spread her wings, almost like mother nature changing a moth to a butterfly. the change from being held back from limitation from others , or from limits beyoung your control, but once released the worl is waiting for you to grab hold of it and never letting go or lookin back.

  205. normanpotts says:

    tobacco on the waters blueshares a langusge shared by the ancients mirroed there, the songsof mant birds, hallowed out from the centre of a great white pine reaching out her arms, greeens holding winters edge her son the round of earth. that same whit pine sh0ows her mysteries eyes turned inward life revealingholes in the ice reaching for edges of sand touching footprints left behimd by a woman giver of life

  206. murielsimon says:

    Stream of Consciousness-You never think about how life florishes beyond your everyday life,things that happen and things that are growing,living and being.Life is a something that is every where the grass in your yard the ants that live in the yard.When you really think about it alot of people dont sit and think that life and living things are never ending.Life is what make you and me,the leaves on that tree the fish in the lakes,and the pollin on the beautiful flowers that are lifes color pallet.Just when you are going to sleep think about one thing that you would never fall asleep thinking about,maybe its the bees that give us the honey,or the chickens that give us our eggs.This will be a thing to so on a specific day of the week,pick that day and do this for a month.You will start to appreciate life that lives around us.

  207. chermontour says:

    Stream of Consciousness –
    tobacco, ancient times, blue water, holes in the melting ice, pine trees, birds, singing, lake, edge of sand, footprints, more birds, white, language, beauty, nature, horizons, woman, mother earth, giver of life, mysteries… What are the mysteries? What is it that lays within the horizon? what is it that life is telling this woman? Is the giver of life just giving her a minute to stop and take in the beauty and forget about the fast pace life that awaits? There is so much that could be told from this story. The tobacco on the lake, was she having a smoke and threw her butt in the water? Because that is just ugly if she did. Talking about beauty and then if you think about the cigarette being thrown in there just kind of takes that way. Then the birds with their chirps almost makes you forget that. The holes on the ice could be from fishing on the lake. Who knows maybe there was something that happened on the lake that makes this woman remember something significant in her life. hmmmmm….

  208. angieroan says:

    this reminds me of winter, i can see the trees going to sleep, i can see the water freezing over, and the taste of the cold…i can see the waters edge slowly receding into the ice….the echo of the birds with out the leaves of the trees to muffle their sounds….it makes me cold it makes me wish it was summer time, i miss the colors of summer and spring, the heat, the pow wows the food, the camping, i miss the nights and the sound of the drums in the distance, i wish i was at a pow wow righ tnow, with aching feet from dancing all day, and aa belly full of supper, i miss the summer, the warm tent, the lights of a hundred campfires, the smell of the smoke i miss the summer, i miss the pow wows, i wish i was at a pow wow right now, i miss the colors, the friendships, tehe scenery, the road trip there and back, the waiting to hear if we are the champions and the coffee shops and gas stations afterwards, buying munchies for the road, the lights on the highway as we pass other vehicles in the middle of the night, the songs that are playing on the radio, the sound of jasper singing the wrong words to all the songs, the sound of my daghter snoring soflty i miss all these things i wish itwas summer, i cant wait for summer, wish i was dancing……thias writing reminds me of how much i wish it were summer. im back sitting here at my computer, thinking about how grerat summer is, and yet theres snow on the ground outside my window, feeling the cold as we go outside for a few quick dragfs of a cigarette, that weve already smoked twice before…the cold, i hate the cold, i wish it was summer….my thoughts keep going bcak to pow wow seasong, and how much i cant wait to dance, what does that say? as i try to focus on the task at hand i cant keep but thinking of the summer time and what great times i will have this summer….

  209. leslieyellowbird says:

    Unblocking the mind lets notice the sublty beauty of the changing seasons which escapes most of us who live life fast paced and always on the go.The chance to still your mind and let yourself go with what lays dorment in the back of ones mind sets free the creativity in you. Now you can take a breathe and focus on what you see in your self to greater your driving force to inventiveness.

  210. deannazfnbiz says:

    Stream of Conciencesness-MOTHER EARTH, Everything that are & everything that you once were. In all of your beauty throughout history, seen through the eyes of all animals. Through the eyes of all races. On a global scale all of your season are there, on every continent. On every piece of land, in every ocean. On every beach. The beautiful rock we share, our First Nations peoples have learned to respaect you, embrace you & nurture you. Although today you are suffering a great atocity with the destruction of your soil. The wars that on are your other continents, bring great sorrow to many of thousands of FN people. The grace of our creasstor we pray that you will stay strong & endure what hums world wide have done & are doing to you. We remain humble & smudge & enjoy the sunsets & sunrises of ech day. And praise you every moment we walk on your soil. Grateful and honred are we to be your children. Hai Hai fpor today! The beautiful sun this morning was heartwarming & started my day on a very positive level. The cold walk to school was beautiful, because we do have the most beautiful winters at times. Spring would be nice though. ekosi tatumhin!! (I’m Done & I am Grateful)

  211. Stream of Consciousness/ There is excitement as well as understanding flowing through me. There is meaning in this room and floating in the atmosphere above our heads. I feel like I gotta go because the words are saying ‘There is somewhere else to be but here, making colours come alive again’. All at once I can hear the voices of the world and they came from within the paper, as thin as it may be. Inside the whiteness is but a millions rays of light, of pure colour calling me. From within me my mind is screaming “Let go and speak your mind, tell them what they don’t know” and everything up until this point is merely an epiphany, I realize there is a long way for me to go and I am finally ready. My soul finally calms from being so restless, from fighting with demons within myself and tells me ‘I am ready too’. The ancestors in the Spirit World stand with me, watching with smiles on their faces knowing what I now know too. I am a Blue Lotus Flower rising from the murky waters to open in the sunlight and that is LOVE. My heart beats with the drum of a ceremony, my eyes flutter wanting to take in everything, and everything more. My body buzzes with the positive energy of finally being free from Satans’ grip, I will not ever turn back. I WILL EARN MY WINGS.

  212. reinabest26 says:

    white poplar tree in breaking spring,flowers starting to bloom,(greens holding) means,(the winter buds still remain),this woman is a tree in the ever changing season,from winter to spring.the tobacco on the waters blue..is the left over fall leaves,(the songs of many birds hallowed out)

  213. ashtonxtwins says:

    stream of conciseness-mother earth, idk when i read this i think of the changing seasons when winter turns to spring nd how beautiful the transformation is

  214. ashtonxtwins says:

    changing seasons

  215. normanpotts says:

    A woman called tabacco on the waters blue who speaks a language shared by the ancestors mirrored there, the story tells about what she does and who she is,

  216. ashtonxtwins says:

    stream of conciseness-

  217. leslieyellowbird says:

    stream of consciencous-

  218. clintroansr says:

    stream of conciousness

  219. normanpotts says:

    Stream of conciousness-

  220. angieroan says:

    stream of conciousness –

  221. reinabest26 says:

    stream of conciousness-

  222. murielsimon says:

    One -Paragragh-The wonderful beauty of nature in its everyday being.The continuos life that florishes in everydays light.The glory of natures purpose as it lives and provides for everything around it.

  223. one paragraph/This is a short, vague poem about some Natives fishing and they do it all day in their White Pine canoe. The women of any Native tribe is the giver of Life, sacred as mother Earth for she is the backbone of the community as well as her family, whether it is her family or the one she is born into. A woman is as beautiful as the surroundings of nature around her, she fits perfectly; harmoniously.

  224. chermontour says:

    The birds are singing to the coming Spring. Snow and ice are slowly melting away. A woman watches the beauty from the beach. A beach which is surrounded by beautiful, glistening, frost covered trees. This is serenity and just some of the natures amazing wonders.

  225. reinabest26 says:

    She is an object.Maybe a tree,A branch,Or maybe just a bird flying above.Or maybe she is the water.Mother earth is everything,And everything is energy.And energy is crutial to humanity

  226. murielsimon says:

    one sentence-Another Beautful winter day.

  227. leslieyellowbird says:

    Nature in it most raw form can humble and still you into to a relaxing state that you became aware of its beauty.This is the nature of our spirit that way as people tend to push and/or set aside.

  228. deannazfnbiz says:

    One Paragraph-My First Nations History in all of these words. My grandmothers of the past, who graced our earth before the whiteman. In all of her infinate beauty, glorified, loved, and respected by all of her First Nations children; today and always.

  229. murielsimon says:

    one word-free

  230. murielsimon says:


  231. ashtonxtwins says:

    ooo i get it now i think lol is it talking about mother earth is so i would like to read more of it lol

  232. clintroansr says:

    that same white pine shows her mysteries eyes turned inward sees the water bird, the melting surface of the lake blend into the horizon

  233. angieroan says:

    the lake, too is looking inward life revealing holes in the ice their roundness a looking glass magnifying the water below

  234. normanpotts says:

    Tells the story of a woman that that was famous by the ancients, and how it left a mark and is now well known.

  235. ashtonxtwins says:

    one paragraph-

  236. chermontour says:

    One Paragraph –

  237. leslieyellowbird says:

    one paragraph-

  238. normanpotts says:

    One paragraph-

  239. clintroansr says:

    one paragraph –

  240. angieroan says:

    one paragraph –

  241. ashtonxtwins says:

    one sentence-how intresting i wish i under stood it

  242. leslieyellowbird says:

    the sounds of nature through stillness

  243. reinabest26 says:

    a woman whos really not there

  244. one sentence/There Is nothing more beautiful than a woman who is one with nature, she is one with her surroundings; she is her surroundings.

  245. deannazfnbiz says:

    One Sentence-A beautiful description of Mother Earth during all of her seasons.

  246. ashtonxtwins says:

    one word-oh

  247. clintroansr says:

    the song of many birds,hollwed our from the centre of a great out her arms,greens holding winters edge her song of the earth

  248. normanpotts says:

    A poem is about a woman

  249. chermontour says:

    One sentence – Experiencing the beauty of life.

  250. Ashton says:

    One sentence,

  251. angieroan says:

    speaks a language shared by the ancients

  252. ashtonxtwins says:

    reading one 1

  253. chermontour says:

    One Word – Life

  254. chermontour says:

    Reading #1

  255. clintroansr says:

    one sentence-

  256. leslieyellowbird says:

    one sentence-

  257. normanpotts says:

    One sentence-

  258. Ashton says:

    Reading #1
    One word,

  259. angieroan says:

    one sentence –

  260. jonathan says:

    reading no. 1

    • jonathan says:

      1 sentence –
      mother nature telling us what she sees.

      • jonathan says:

        1 paragraph-
        spring is coming and winter is over. and that summer is on its way.

      • jonathan says:

        stream of conscienceness-
        life giving, birth, spring into summer, death to life to death, hardships, mother nature, stepping stones, action to reaction, songs of life, reborn, rejoicing welcome, seasons changing, cycle, everlasting life, gift giving, reality, rotation, repeating, balance, rejuvinate,

      • jonathan says:

        my definition of-ajinjagaayohn
        mother nature

      • jonathan says:

        tweet-what i am getting from this poem is that mother nature is giving life and is always repeating herself year after year.

      • jonathan says:

        title- her song
        because she sings about life in every form

      • jonathan says:


  261. deannazfnbiz says:

    Reading #1.
    One Word-MOTHER

  262. Reading #1:
    one word/Beautiful

  263. normanpotts says:

    One word-poem

  264. leslieyellowbird says:

    one word-nature

  265. reinabest26 says:

    one word-mother earth

  266. angieroan says:

    one word – earth

  267. leslieyellowbird says:

    reading number 1

  268. clintroansr says:

    reading number 1

  269. angieroan says:

    reading #1

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